ALAN PARSONS LIVE PROJECT @ Théâtre Maisonneuve – 24th February 2019

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Alan Parsons and his band delighted us with their solid compositions, new songs from their upcoming album and classics that even prog non-fans could have known by heart.

The venue was the appropriate frame to enjoy, In the comfort of our chair, the trip through nostalgia and future promise through which the grandiose Alan Parsons wanted to take us through. The band was hand-picked by him to go beyond replication of past hits and add virtuosity, charisma, and light.

Parsons spoke mostly in French and as many us know that is one of the tricks to enamor and engage with the Montreal public. He told short stories, introduced songs and told jokes in fluent and accentuated French. He requested that people stopped filming the show and reminded them that watching a bad recording with shit audio is no replacement for the memories and the genuine opportunity of being there.

One of the main reasons Alan and his band are touring around North America is their new album, “The Secret,” due on April 26. In it, he draws inspiration from one of his hobbies, magic and, from what we are able to hear from the first single “Miracle,” he dwells into pop rock and mixes in some symphonic and progressive too.

That new single, which he played live for us at the Theatre Maisonneuve, has as special guest Jason Mraz, whom he met through one of his other passions, avocado farming. They recorded the song while being in two different cities and managed to create a beautiful pop song that reminds us why the fantastic Mr. Parsons is and was such a significant influence on radio waves for so many years.

But back to the show itself, with eight musicians on stage, there was a lot of talent going around. Song after song the public was delighted to beautiful renditions of old classics and a couple of new songs from the new album. Compositions such as  Old And Wise, Prime Time, Games People Play and the classic that even your uncle-who-hates-prog knows, Eye In The Sky.

All in all, it was a great and memorable experience to see a legend live (and alive) and it makes you wonder what happened to the days when progressive and symphonic rock got radio airplay, and even people asked for such songs. Maybe they are behind along with concept albums and their accompanying 34-minute songs with no words.

Review – Ricardo D. Flores

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