Album Review – Oh Wonder – No One Else Can Wear Your Crown

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On February 7th, Oh Wonder will be releasing their 3rd album entitled “No One Else Can Wear Your Crown”. This concept album will touch on all spectrums of your emotions and leave you reminiscing into your past or have you tearing up about circumstances happening in your present, concerning your current love, lost love or love being lost. 

Some of these songs really cut deep to me personally.. and I’m sure they will to 99.9% of their audience. On this 9 track album, I will express my feelings about my favourite two songs and hope that you’ll enjoy them as much as I did. I honestly believe this is their best album yet! I have always been a big fan of Oh Wonder, but for me, this album cut me to the core in all the right places. So here I go with my two favourites from the Wear Your Crown Album. 

The song “Happy”, which already has a music video to promote their new album, talks about how hard it can be to forget someone you loved so much, but that person takes up all of your happiness and time focusing on wanting to know if they’ll be ok while you’re maybe still slightly in love with them. They consume your mind at all times. 

“It’s been a year since you’ve given back my love, and I wonder how you’ve been without it” is so powerful. We’ve all been there, through a breakup and been wondering how they could ever live without you or if you could be happy without them. The song helps you to move on from that person and be happy finally without them. 

The second song that has touched my heart in this album is entitled “Better Now”. 

It sets the mood with the silent beeping of a heart rate monitor in the background and the sound of distant rain, which of course symbolizes the gloom of the situation.

 “22 hours, pacing the room, praying for you, hot cup of coffee”. Many people have been in this situation… whether it be their mate, their parent, grandparent or friend, we all know the agonizing wait to know if that loved one will be “better now” or soon. Sometimes it’s days or months that you wait day after day in the hospital for good news or any news. The song brings you through the perspective of the family or friends waiting on the other side, hot cups of coffee turn cold; only eating vending machine food or gross hospital cafeteria food. Praying for their loved one to get better, to pull through. I have to admit when I first listened to this song and just hearing the beep of the heart rate monitor set me off. Tears streamed down my face with flashbacks of my own loss. My father was in a coma for weeks, to only slip away into death. I was 28 when he passed…Too early to lose your father. I have to say I couldn’t have written a better song describing the feelings you go through and the waiting that goes with it. 

Oh Wonder has truly captured my heart with this new Album. I can’t wait to see them live in Montreal and be surrounded by their music. I wish I could tell them personally how much this album means to me, and how much I’m sure it will mean to thousands or millions of others. It takes very special people to write and perform music that enhances and digs into people’s emotions. If I could give this album a rating it would be a 15/10.. it by far outreached my expectations. 

And with that, I hope you all enjoy this new album “No One Else Can Wear Your Crown” as I did. 

Review – Brittany Salmaso

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