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all pigs must die hostage animal review

It may have been four years since Boston’s All Pigs Must Die released their last album, Nothing Violates This Nature, but they haven’t exactly been sitting around doing nothing. Drummer Ben Koller plays with Converge and Mutoid Man, while new guitarist Brian Izzi has been busy with Trap Them. The Hope Conspiracy’s Kevin Baker joins them on vocals along with Adam Wentworth on guitar and Matt Woods on bass. Together the band produce the most ferocious fusion of crust punk, hardcore and metal you’re likely to encounter.

all pigs must die hostage animal cover

Like its predecessors, Hostage Animal was recorded at Kurt Ballou’s GodCity Studio and the production here is as broad and mighty as recent releases by the likes of Nails, Code Orange or Converge themselves. Each track has a weight and power behind it that only adds to its intensity. That’s not to say that this is a one-dimensional record in any way. End Without End sees the pace drop dramatically and even injects some melody into proceedings before the opening riff of Blood Wet Teeth signals a return to the pummelling wall of hateful rage.

The musicianship throughout is as tight as you’d expect from these seasoned players and Baker’s vocals are as terrorizing as any vocalist out there. It all adds up to an album full of twists and turns, taking in grindcore, doom, trash metal, crustpunk and more, broadening the band’s sound without sacrificing any of its brutality.

Clocking in at 35 minutes, All Pigs Must Die have produced one of 2017’s most blisteringly heavy releases, and, with extreme music seeming more popular than ever, this is an album that will surely win them a whole new legion of fans around the globe.

all pigs hostage review

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