Album Review – Pyogenesis – A Silent Soul Screams Loud

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Pyogenesis A Silent Soul Screams Loud – Review

During their career, Pyogenesis have touched to Death Metal, Gothic Metal, Alternative, Rock, pop-punk. During all those periods they always kept that little something special that made it sounds like Pyogenesis! A Silent Soul Screams Loud is the last record of their trilogy that began in 2015. They came back in 2015 with something that blends every Pyo different periods. The best way to enjoy it is definitely to listen to the 3 last records back to back but now let’s talk about their latest one!

Survival of the Fittest begins with a heavy riff with something that sounds a bit like a ‘slow’ blast beat and right after that you got this super mega catchy pop riff that put a smile on my face instantly! What a catchy chorus! That’s a very good start!! Mother Bohemia comes with a faster blast beat with a big growl but on that death metal riff, you got those epic layers of clean vocals and also a super catchy chorus! Probably the heaviest song of the record but still very catchy. Very ‘Pyo’.

I Can’t Breathe begins with a prologue that sounds like it could have been on their Unpop or Mono album but it quickly shifted to that big powerful groove that fits the sounds of this trilogy that began in 2015. Again, catchy riffs and very strong melodies! That groovy chorus stands out. Love it! High Old Times is the song that surprised me the most! It began with an arena rock big intro and after that, it’s a super pop ‘summer’ melody that stuck in my head instantly! This will be my official summer song this year! Can’t wait to blast this one in my car during a road trip with the sun! Do you visualize it?


Modern Prometheus begins with a slow riff and after that, it’s a catchy mid-tempo riff and again a memorable chorus with a beautiful melody and many vocal layers! The bridge at the end with only vocals and keys sounds Definitely Pyo and the chorus is back! Epic! After that, you get the super-catchy single Will I Ever Feel The Same with its ‘in your face’ guitars riffs and the death metal screams and cleans vocals gives so much power to the song! Another ‘Pyo’ memorable catchy chorus that ends with an epic melody! That high energy song will probably be amazing live just because of the raw energy that you feel while listening to it!!!! I just want to raise my fist in the air, alone in my living room! Hehe!

I know I used the word ‘epic’ probably too much in this review but that last 14-minute song is the meaning of epic!! Amazing melancholic intro with a lot of emotions. The vocal layers are again amazing! That heavy riffing that comes after that is just perfect. High energy, it’s heavy as hell but you can still feel the emotions in Flo’s vocals. And that super-mega-catchy chorus starts out of nowhere and makes me want to jump with a big smile on my face again! What an amazing chorus! Probably my favourite of the album. There’s also a beautiful soft part. Beautiful melodies, beautiful guitar work, orchestration…Everything is well placed! Perfect way to end that record!

Bottom Line. I liked it a LOT! And the more I’m listening to it, the more I like it! Production is top-notch. Sounds amazing. The mix is perfect and the vinyl pressing is perfect too. Beautiful artwork and package. Everything is there, the full package!! From the 90s to today, Pyogenesis have found a way to touch too many different genres while staying true to their unique sound. Highly recommended!!

Review – Patrick Dumas

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