A$AP ROCKY + Playboi Carti @ Place Bell – January 13th 2019

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A$AP ROCKY place bell

It’s been a minute since A$AP’s last show in Montreal. And I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that this tour was perfect for our beloved city.

It was as intense as it was interactive, which is two things that Montreal has a knack for when it comes to concerts.

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Tension was high at Place Bell as we waited for any action to occur. I could hear everyone talk about what they heard would happen during the show, and discuss which songs they think A$AP is gonna play.
The muffled conversation quickly turned into extremely loud cheers as the house lights shut off, and we heard Playboi Carti’s familiar voice ask; “Montreal, y’all fuckin’ ready?”

And the pit showed just how ready they were. The moment he hopped onto the stage, mosh pits broke out, greeting Carti’s flowing lyrics and thrashing in tune to his jumping.

Both city and artist were hyping each other up, and for the whole set, it felt like everyone had come to see Carti tonight. He did an extraordinary job warming up the crowd for the main act that Place Bell was so eager to see.

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To get the crowd into the right mindset for the night, we were given commands. When signs that wrote “MOSH” were held up, the crowd were to break out into a mosh pit. The same concept went for “APPLAUSE”, “SMILE”, and “FROWN.” And A$AP sure got his applause when the intro to “A$AP Forever” began to boom out the speakers.

Finally, A$AP Rocky was seen running on stage wearing a biohazard themed ski mask. Smoke spat from the stage whenever the beat had dropped, all the while A$AP was making the crowd go wild with his dancing and encouragement for the pit to mosh. And so they did.
So much was happening on stage, it was impossible for the crowd to lose interest.

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A silence introduced “Yamborghini High”, and then things were turned up a few notches for “Babushka (rave)”. Suddenly, a large curtain drops. This gave the crowd a break, but it was a very short one because moments later, the stage is revealed and A$AP is seen on the hood of one of three race cars that were suspended in the air. They are slowly moving up and down as he jumps around while rapping to “Gunz N Butter.” It all drove everyone crazy, driving them to go further with their activity.

A$AP ROCKY live review

He took a minute to say to the crowd; “Montreal, y’all are fuckin’ lit up in here!” which earned him a loud cheer. And he sure showed his gratitude for our energy. He encouraged mosh pits, brought a crowd surfing fan on stage with him, showed off his synthetic mixing skills, and overall gave Montreal a heavy show that won’t be forgotten easily.

The Injured Generation Tour and Montreal are like a match made in heaven. The energy was incredibly high the entire night, and nobody could stop themselves from moving to the familiar songs we all know and love. I hope A$AP Rocky returns to Montreal soon again.

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Review – Jamie Siddall
Photos – Ramy Elhoufy

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