Beyond Creation + Fallujah @ La Tulipe – 17th October 2019

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Beyond Creation in Montreal

Beyond Creation is undeniably one of the most talented and influential band in the progressive technical death metal genre at the moment. Last year they outdid themselves with the release of an amazing new album called ‘’Algorythm’’ and last Thursday it was Montreal’s turn to welcome the Algorythm tour at La Tulipe. Off course, Beyond Creation didn’t come alone. With them on the tour was Equipoise, Arkaik and the mighty Fallujah. I had seen Beyond Creation in the past, and I was blown away by their technical capability and their unique sound. Based on that, I sat my expectations pretty high for this concert.


Equipoise was the first band to hit the stage at 7:30pm. I was excited to see them live because they’ve been drawing my attention since the release of their debut album last march, but as soon as they started to play I noticed some members were missing. Philippe Tougas who, I learned after, left the band a short time ago and Stevie Boisier, their vocalist…

After the first song, the bassist Hugo Doyon announced to the crowd that Stevie was held at the borders and couldn’t play the show. That was a bummer because it was obvious that something was missing from their sound. With that given, the guys gave us a great instrumental performance. I was impressed by how good the sound was, I could distinctly hear every instrument wherever I stood in the venue, every note was so short yet so clear and definite. It was a very good set, but my hunger hasn’t been satisfied, I’ll look forward to seeing them again with a full lineup the next time they play in Montreal.


The second band to play was Arkaik. From the beginning of their set, the vocalist Jared Christianson drew my attention because he was so energetic on stage. He interacted with the crowd in between songs and during instrumental parts he was encouraging the crowd to start some circle pits. The bassist Curtis Rielley was also drawing attention with his intense playing. He was using impressive techniques like tapping and strumming the strings with all four fingers and everything was fluid and smooth. Their set was a bit short for my liking but it was to be expected since four bands were playing that night.


I’ve heard the name Fallujah many times in the past but this was the first time I got to see them live. With Fallujah being such a big name, I expected them to be good and I was not let down. Their music was catchy and complex with just the right balance of slow and intense parts. Their guitarist Scott Carstair’s playing was really tight and his solos were executed with rapidity and precision. Antonio Palermo’s screams were more high-pitched than what we usually hear in technical death, almost like a deathcore vocalist. To me, that’s what gave Fallujah their own unique style. That band was definitely a nice find and I’ll be listening to them regularly in the next few weeks.

The crowd got dense before Beyond Creation started to play, impatient to hear the band play. They were chanting Simon’s name before the set even began.

The lights go off and we hear the orchestral intro begin smoothly, but as soon as the band appear and Simon starts singing, a mosh pit explodes in front of the stage. The guys look happy to be back in their hometown to play this show. They played their set in a chronological way starting with songs from their first album then second and third. Their performance was nothing short of amazing, every musician in the band has mastered their instrument to an incredible level and it looks easy for them to play even the most complex melodies on stage.

They played for an hour and a half and ended their set with one of my favourite songs ‘’Omnipresent Perception’’. Hugo Doyon was playing bass for both Equipoise and Beyond Creation for this tour, for a total of 2 hours of intense technical madness every night! He still managed to give a tight performance until the last minute of the show. 

Review – Isaac Asselin-Bishop
Photos – Alexandre Grenier

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