Brigitte Boisjoli @ Théâtre Desjardins – 24th November 2018

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Brigitte Boisjoli

Five musicians were on stage and started playing, there were two guitars, a piano, a bass and a drum. The crowd was already clapping when Brigitte Boisjoli came running on stage full of energy. She was dancing, running, smiling and jumping on stage. She kept that energy throughout the night, except for the slower songs where the focus was entirely on her amazing voice.

I am just going to take a moment here to say that what drew me to her show was her voice. Words cannot render justice to it, but for the sake of trying it is powerful, clean, unique, emotional and beautiful. We have a lot of talented singers in Quebec and Brigitte is without a doubt up there with them, talent-wise.

Brigitte is in the middle of her tour “Signé Plamondon” where she interprets songs that were all written by Luc Plamondon. Although songs were originally sung by other artists, Brigitte really took them and made them her own with her unique voice.

Often during the show, she talked to the crowd in between songs. Sometimes it was a bit on the long side, but at other times she was straight up funnier than some comedians. She explained how she felt stressed and uncomfortable writing her own songs and why she preferred to remain, not just an interpreter, but a hell of an interpreter. On that account, she completely succeeded, but again with her voice, I feel she could bring so much more and all night long I found myself waiting for an original song that never came.

The most intense moment of the show was when she did a version of “L’amour Existe Encore” accompanied by an acoustic guitar and a double bass. It was a musically tamed down cover that gave place for her vocals. Knowing that the original artist of the song is Céline Dion, this is a hell of a thing to pull off. Props to you Brigitte!

Review & photos – Alexandre René

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