Clairo + Beabadoobee + Hello Yello @ Corona Theatre – 18 November 2019

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Clairo in Montreal

Hello Yello

There are a lot of things I could say to describe the opening band; Hello Yello. They were original, dripping with talent, and a general good time. They had the classic emo sound, but with a twist of grunge, and straightforward lyrics.

Their band consisted of a perfect relationship between guitar and drum riffs, and beautifully effortless vocals. Everything about Hello Yello works. The mood they brought to the crowd was absolutely refreshing. Everyone on stage was clearly having fun, especially their photographer. He was dancing along to each song at the sides of the stage, throwing stickers and shirts to the audience.

They don’t have much music out, so their set was short. But that didn’t stop them from impressing everyone in the venue. Check them out if you’re into alternative music that you could picture yourself skate-boarding to. Their EP “Love Wins” is perfectly thought out and is altogether an excellent piece to listen to.


I don’t think there could’ve been a better follow up for Hello Yello than Beabadoobee. The creativity bursting out of this band was captivating. Their set was full of life and very uplifting. Corona danced along to every song. When I stole a glance or two around the room, people looked at peace. Enwrapped in the blissful melodies that soothed their ears. I love having the privilege to witness a band of artists, have that sort of effect on a crowd of people who made the effort to be there early.

Both Hello Yello and Beabadoobee gave incredible shows. Amazing choices for opening acts. They well prepared Corona for the leading artist, putting everyone in the mood to dance and have a good time.


The time finally came for Clairo to take her place on stage with the rest of her band. As expected, the crowd welcomed her with loud cheering, and Clairo started the night on a soft note with “Alewife.”

Her voice was so soothingly soft. It’s too bad that about three songs into her setlist, the audio in the venue pretty much completely blew. It took a couple of minutes to fix, but the vocal audio was extremely low for the rest of the night. Which is a shame, because Clairo’s singing voice is already so reserved.

She refused to let the technical difficulties ruin the night, though. Clairo and her band powered through it and gave an incredible sentimental show for everyone in attendance. She encouraged everyone to dance along with her to tracks like “Bags” and “Sofia.” She’s such a genuine person. Her goal for every concert she plays is clearly for everyone to have a good time.

The visuals displayed in the background were simple but were also capable of properly representing each song she had placed on her setlist. The night went on, with everyone in the crowd enjoying songs like “Flaming Hot Cheetos,” “Bubble Gum,” and “Closer To You.” Everyone was vibing with the mood she had produced for us with this show. Her set ended with a three-piece encore; “4EVER,” “Pretty Girl,” and “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again.” which are three songs of hers that are super fun to dance to.

As I looked around to my friends who were there with me, and to complete strangers that were dancing along with me, it felt like I was a part of some cheesy teenage movie. Just the pure bliss and joy washing over me as I had genuine fun at a concert felt amazing and comforting. Clairo will always have a special energy to give to her fan base. She’s so pure, and the music she creates is honest-hearted.

It’s pretty cool to see the development of an artist like Clairo. She had started off releasing songs on SoundCloud, making small music videos with her webcam in her bedroom. Now, with her first album, “Immunity,” out, her fan base grows ever more. I can confidently say that I’m very excited for what’s next in store for her. And the next time she finds herself in Montreal, I’ll be sure not to miss it.

Review – Jamie Siddall
Photos – Ramy Elhoufy

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