CROWN LANDS are moving methodically up the ladder of success

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Crown Lands

Crown Lands are a Canadian duo hailing out of Oshawa, Ontario with a plan in mind and it is something that very well may catch on. 

After releasing three EP’s in the past six years, Kevin Comeau (guitars, bass, and keyboards) and Cody Bowles (Two-Spirit) released their self-titled debut album during the summer of 2020. 

With a couple of Juno nominations to their credit, they decided not to “rush” into anything, but instead focus on perfecting a couple of songs they have been working on and releasing them together; and according to Kevin Comeau that is what they will be doing for the rest of the year.

“These days people aren’t really listening to seven songs in a row; their attention spans are just not there with everything else that is going on, so we figured if we released a couple of songs at a time, it gives us time to craft and perfect our art”

The two pieces of art just released are Context: Fearless Pt. 1, and Right Way Back, a tribute to the late Neil Peart

Interestingly enough; in regards to the latter song, it was recorded in Nashville using the drums the Rush genius banged on to record the 2007 album Snakes and Arrows

Both of these new songs are played back to back in video format for your listening ease and weigh in at just over seven minutes long.

As I was researching this dynamic progressive rock duo, I was impressed with the reviews they were receiving from such esteemed music magazines like Rolling Stone, Guitar World and Kerrang! 

Even Hockey Night in Canada have also chimed in and are aware of the great music Crown Lands are putting out.

In respect to HNIC, Kevin says the relationship with their record label Universal Music Canada and the CBC guided a couple of their songs to be played at the intro to some playoff games last year.

One cut off the debut album stands out to me and is kind of a testament to the band and their mission statement; standing up for the rights of the indigenous population, and they did a beautiful job both visually and musically in a song called End of the Road. 

The song commemorates and brings to light the numerous women that have gone missing on what is known as the Highway of Tears. Yellowknife Hwy 16 is a 700km stretch that runs near the Alberta border on the British Columbian side. The video is as artistically as haunting as the music that goes with it.

Summing things up, you know these two young men are going to be big very soon as three former Rush producers (Terry Brown, Dave Botrill, and Nick Raskulinecz) have taken the time to work with them. 

They were also handpicked to open up for Jack White on a recent tour.

Listening to the band for the first time, a Rush meets Zeppelin sound will catch your ear, but influences from the Allman Brothers to Fleetwood Mac will also rustle your ear follicles. 

But don’t be fooled, the sound of Crown Lands is unique with their progressive mix to the blues.

Check them out when things open up and they come to a town near you !!

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