Cult Leader + Primitive Weapons + God Mother @ Turbo Haus – December 4th 2018

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Cult Leader Montreal


If there’s anything Montreal loves, it’s a lively show full of surprises and moshing. And that is exactly what God Mother delivered.

The energy that Sebastian Campbell shot out during their entire set was addictive. After asking if we’d prefer he’d speak in English, French, or Swedish (everyone shouted Swedish) the rest of the band members instantly started the first riff to their first song.

He had everyone clear a spot on the floor for him to interact with everyone, stand on chairs, scream in peoples faces and keep everyone hyped up. He expressed several times how much he loved this crowd, and that he feels like the crowds in Montreal and Sweden have a lot in common.

God Mother band Montreal

I just didn’t know where to keep my eyes. If I looked to the pit, Sebastian was doing something crazy like starting a game of limbo. And if I looked on to the stage, I could see the absolute madness of hair flying all over the place in windmills, fingers expertly running up and down the fretboard of a guitar or bass. And the drums were loud. SO loud. Played in perfect tempo on top of it. I was in complete awe of this small band giving this show their absolute all.

God Mother’s entire set was thrilling and demanding of everyone’s attention. And boy did they catch Montreal’s eye.


Not long after God Mother finished their set, Primitive Weapons kept everyone’s spirits high. Lead singer David Castillo shouting out lyrics about doubt and hate, while guitarist Arthur Shepherd backed him up with harmonizing screams. I could not keep my eyes off of drummer Chris Enriquez as he beat the hell out of his drum kit. The energy that man has is incredible. No matter how fast he was playing he never missed a beat.

primitive weapons montreal

David spent some time in the pit, singling out individuals and singing in front of their face with an expression that looks like it’s seen some nasty stuff.

Primitive Weapons was a fantastic band to open the door for the main event. Every person in that incredibly tiny venue was shaking with anticipation for what was to come next.

Cult Leader Montreal turbo haus


Finally, what everyone had been waiting for. A high pitched ringing bounced around the room, and vocalist Anthony Lucero stepped onto stage with his jacket hood draped over his head. His fellow band members followed, and without hesitation, the opening riff to their first song was executed by guitarist Mike Mason.

It really built everyone up, but no one was fully prepared for the extreme darkness that was Anthony’s voice.

Cult Leader Montreal photos

It honestly was as if he were the Pied Piper. His powerful grunts and screams led the crowd into a mosh. People pushing and shoving as bass and guitar riffs just got faster and faster. And those who weren’t moshing were headbanging to the drum beat, trying to keep up with Casey Hansen’s quick pace.

Cult Leader Montreal review

As the night went on, tension grew higher. Anthony kept shouting into his microphone, thrashing his head around during instrumental solos, and occasionally exposing his middle finger to the crowd during appropriate moments of the song. It had everyone so riled up, it just kept getting hotter. Seriously, I was sweating like crazy.

Cult Leader are experts at hyping up the Montreal crowd. A perfect match between city and hardcore punk band. They still have quite a few dates on their tour left, and it’s a sure thing that we won’t be the only ones hypnotized by this amazing band.

Cult Leader Montreal show
Cult Leader live Montreal

Review – Jamie Siddall
Photos – Steve Gerrard

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