A Day To Remember + Moose Blood + Wage War @ MTelus – 10th October 2017

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It’s Tuesday night at Metropo…. sorry, MTelus… and one thing every person in attendance knows is that the self-proclaimed ‘Heaviest Pop Punk Band, Ever’ are gonna bring the fun to tonight’s sold out show. A Day To Remember know how to put a smile on the faces of any audience and tonight will be no different.

Wage war mtelus

Before all that though we have a couple of highly anticipated support acts, with Wage War first up to bring the noise. Coming from the same home town as the headliners, their latest album, Deadweight, was also produced by ADTR’s frontman, Jeremy McKinnon.

Wage war Montreal

They waste no time in proving their worth tonight. opening with the blistering Stitch, and from hereon in it’s an impressive show of fierce metalcore. Frontman Briton Bond is a confident band leader and has a voice tailor-made for heavy music. Indeed, the whole band performs brilliantly, and songs like Don’t Let Me Fade Away easily win over tonight’s crowd. It seems a large percentage of them are already fans of the band and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wage War headlining a venue like this very soon. Their only problem is that they’re not doing anything we haven’t heard before. With a more unique sound of their own they could have even more impact.

Wage War Setlist:
The River
Don’t Let Me Fade Away
Twenty One

If there’s one band that’s going to have to work harder tonight it’s the UK’s Moose Blood. The four-piece’s blend of emo-rock has more in common with bands like Brand New and The Hotelier than in-your-face pop punk and initially a large portion of the room seem perplexed by their place on the bill.

Frontman, Eddy Brewerton looks unsure of himself in front of this crowd, playing the whole set with his hood over his head and barely interacting with the audience. The musicians play with an almost cliched British reserve but that’s not to say the songs are in any way lacking. What they miss in showmanship they ably make up for with soulful songs and heartfelt lyrics.

Moose Blood montreal

Gradually they are able to win over many of the doubters and it’s clear that some fans are here to see them more than the other bands. “You’ve been lovely. Get home safe”, says Brewerton, “This one’s called Knuckles”. Job done but I’d be keen to see them back playing to their own crowd some time.

Moose Blood Setlist:
I Hope You’re Missing Me
I Hope You’re Miserable

A Day To remember Montreal

The sound in MTelus is impressive for all three bands tonight, filling the room with bass without losing any clarity. That big sound suits A Day To Remember well and is just one of many elements in tonight’s show that makes it such a triumph. The crowd is in fine form too, singing along to the pre-show songs played before the band even appear, whether it’s Slipknot, Rage Against The Machine, Blur or… errrmm… Backstreet Boys. But as soon as their heroes saunter onto the stage (a stage which apparently talks by way of introducing them!) things are immediately taken up several hundred notches.

Jeremy McKinnon’s role of ringleader is conducted with a constant grin on his face, stalking every inch of the stage, waving at camera phones and hi-fiving the many crowd-surfers who make it to the front. His voice can seem to struggle to hit notes a few times throughout the evening but nobody cares as he proves again why he’s one of the most charismatic frontmen in heavy music.

Anyone who’s ever seen this band before, and that seems to be about 90% of tonight’s crowd, will know that they like to bring the party along with the massive choruses. Huge beachballs are tossed around the room, followed by toilet rolls streaming toward their targets and confetti cannons decorating the front rows. Their surf-on-a-crowd-surfer challenge doesn’t see many successful attempts on this occasion but bodies do fly across the heads for most of the set.

A Day To remember guitarist code orange

For the most part it’s a high energy setlist, with only End of Me giving everyone a chance to breathe. The ‘Heaviest Pop Punk Band, Ever’ tag fits best on tracks like Mr. Highway’s Thinking About The End where McKinnon’s vocals become more metalcore as his bandmates hammer out the breakdowns. “I wanna feel the ground shake” says the singer before his fans go suitably nuts!

The sing-alongs continue with three crowd-pleasing encores that bring the 75 minute set to a close. We are told that this is “the most noise of any town on this whole fucking tour” and it’s easy to believe. The fans came to have fun, and nobody went home with anything less than a huge grin on their face. A night to remember!

A Day To remember Wage war

A Day To Remember Setlist:
All I Want
I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?
2nd Sucks
Right Back at It Again
We Got This
Better Off This Way
End of Me
Have Faith in Me
Mr. Highway’s Thinking About the End
The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle

If It Means a Lot to You
All Signs Point to Lauderdale
The Downfall of Us All

Review & photos – Steve Gerrard

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