Drahla + Slight + Death Hags – Pop Montreal

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Drahla + Slight + Death Hags live @ Quai des Brumes Sept. 28, 2019


Seeing each of these bands individually would have been a good night. Seeing all three…hat trick for the win.

Death Hags

Lola Jean - Death Hag @ Quai des Brumes Montreal
Lola Jean – Death Hag @ Quai des Brumes Montreal

Don’t judge an artist by its name.  Although she considers her music Doom Pop, there is a touch of beauty found within.

Lola Jean has a link with Montreal.  She covered “The Partisan” by Leonard Cohen.  This L.A. based artist shares another link to Montreal:  she’s French born.

I asked her, after her performance where the French comes from.

“I was born in The French Alps.”, she said.

“Then you fit right in here in Montreal!”, I followed.

“Yes, when I got here, I said to myself:  I found my people!”

Dream-like electro pop, not unlike Ladytron, but touching on the experimental.  Throw in some occasional Cure guitar and you get a great combination of sound.  

It’s the soundtrack of android dreams.



Slight describe themselves as a swirling psychedelic art pop project from Montreal.

I have to admit, the description wasn’t as inviting as the first notes.  

Untamed Impala would fit their sound better.  Just a little wilder, and a bonus of a 2-singer harmony.

The result was a quite enjoyable ride.  

I was able to pick up an old cassette they offered, after they found a hidden stash.



The performance I really wanted to see what Drahla.  I don’t remember how I found them, but once I did, they made their mark.  While I have the privilege of seeing more than my fair share of performances, this one ticked all the boxes for me.

  • Small venue – check.
  • Post-punk Sonic Youth like guitar sound (Luciel Brown) – check.
  • Interpol/Cure-like heavy bass (Rob Riggs) – check.
  • Mysterious singer (Luciel Brown) who’s voice reminds me Cansei de Ser Sexy – check.
  • Drummer (Mikey Ainsley) that give it his all with a big sound – check.
  • Music that makes you move involuntarily – check.
  • That feeling that you are witnessing a special moment in time – check.
Luciel Brown Drahla
Luciel Brown Drahla

The performance was tight and mesmerizing.  I could just imagine the feeling of seeing Sonic Youth at the peak of their career.

It is unlike me to gush over any band like this, but seeing Drahla live is something of a magical experience.  I was blown away at the sound that this trio could project throughout the room.  It was powerful, yet delicate.  

After stocking up on their vinyl, Luciel told me it was only their second time in Montreal, and I’m looking forward to their return.  Trust me…I will be there. 

 Review & Photos: Randal Wark is a Professional Speaker and MasterMind Facilitator with a passion for live music.  You can follow him on InstagramTwitter and YouTube. His new Podcast RockStar Today helps musicians quit their days jobs is coming soon.

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