Fleetwood Mac @ Canadian Tire Centre, Ottawa – 3rd November 2018

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fleetwood mac live 2018

In the past year, there are many bands I road tripped from Ottawa to Montreal for, but there aren’t many I would do the Montreal to Ottawa route for. Going to a show in Ottawa is not only complicated because it’s about a 30-minute drive outside the city, but there are no city buses that go to the venue, and taxis are rare. A band like Fleetwood Mac is a band I was more than happy to say yes to, and figure out how I would get to the venue along the way. Skipping Montreal on this tour, I took this maybe now or never opportunity and hoped I would make it to the show on time. The Canadian Tire Centre (or the Corel Centre as it was once called) was the venue where I went to my very first concert and developed a love of live shows.

Being a band for 51 years and still not being able to have a year going by without wanting to tour, it was with many fans disappointment and sadness that the band fired guitarist Lindsey Buckingham to be able to get back on the road. With many concerns and people not wanting to see the band because it’s just not the same without the original members, I decided to not let that bother me. I haven’t been a fan of Fleetwood Mac long enough to know if it really made a big difference or not but in my opinion it was only for the better.

Walking into the venue many ladies were clearly letting out their inner Stevie Nicks with the black clothes, long flowy hair and flowy scarves around their arms. About ten minutes to the scheduled eight o’clock show start most of the venue was still empty. I couldn’t imagine that Fleetwood Mac had not brought a bigger crowd. As the clock struck eight o’clock the venue got full fast, and by eight fifteen when the lights dimmed and The Chain came on, it was a full house.

There are many things I love about Fleetwood Mac, but having such a big band with so many people contributing to the sound and voices makes it unique compared to most 3,4,5 piece bands.

Although Stevie Nicks is the main attraction, every member has their moment on stage where it’s all about them. Crowded House frontman Neil Finn was able to show that he belonged on that stage with the band and it didn’t seem to make anyone miss Lindsey Buckingham (sorry!).

For people in their seventies, I admire them for everything they give on stage every night. Drummer Mick Fleetwood brings charisma, energy, and a knack for bringing the crowd to make any noise he wanted us to make. The band sang some of their most popular songs with many interesting backgrounds going on behind them. The usual screen was sometimes changed to horses running in the wild, beautiful trees, or a snowy night that fit perfectly with Landslide which Stevie mentioned she had sung on every stage she has ever been on, so about three million times. I am happy to hear that she never gets tired of singing it because I never get tired of hearing it.

As the tradition goes to sing a cover song or two, Fleetwood Mac chose a couple of classics like Crowded House’s Don’t Dream It’s Over, and for the encore, Free Fallin’, which was a beautiful homage to the late Tom Petty. I know a few people decided on not attending this tour because of a change of band members and that’s ok. Personally, I’m glad I attended and I think it’s worth giving a chance to new members. There were a group of women in the stairs singing and dancing their hearts out all night and seeing them happy and living the moment made me enjoy that moment just a bit more. There’s no place like a concert to remember to enjoy the little things.

The Chain
Little Lies
Second Hand News
Say You Love Me
Black Magic Woman
Tell Me All the Things You Do
World Turning
Oh Well
Don’t Dream It’s Over
(Crowded House cover)
Isn’t It Midnight
Monday Morning
You Make Loving Fun
Gold Dust Woman
Go Your Own Way
Free Fallin’
(Tom Petty cover)
Don’t Stop
All Over Again

Review – Jenny Watson

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