Gallant @ Fairmount Theatre, Montreal – 7th September 2016

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Alt-R&B singer Christopher Gallant’s path to mainstream awareness could only exist in the modern state of the music industry today. Gallant is a voice before all else – with his impeccable falsetto taking any song he performs on to a whole new level. He began recording songs in middle school to parse his teen emotions. “It started to be a cathartic thing,” he has said, “the same way that you would write something in your diary.”


After graduating from New York University, he moved to Los Angeles and was discovered by manager Jake Udell, the man behind EDM breakouts Krewella and Zhu. Udell says he was driven to tears by Gallant’s soaring falsetto, sleek hooks and deep songwriting, which draw upon diverse influences from Babyface to Incubus.


Tonight at Montreal’s Fairmount Theatre Gallant proves that he can deliver an exhilarating performance to back up his vocal prowess, writhing and jumping around the stage before openly flirting with the adoring girls lined up along the front of the stage.

Songs like Talking To Myself and the sublime Weight In Gold have another level of emotion when performed live through a solid sound system and Gallant’s vocals never once falter despite the astronomically high notes. He also seems to be genuinely enjoying himself on stage and is supported by an impressive band of musicians.


While the show itself might be minimalist and the room far from being sold out, those in attendance this evening know they’re witnessing a true talent and a rising star who has much to offer contemporary music.


Review and photos – Steve Gerrard

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