Geneviève Racette releases cover of City and Colour’s “Hello, I’m In Delaware.”

Geneviève Racette: Shot by: Éva-Maude TC

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Geneviève Racette
Geneviève Racette: Shot by: Éva-Maude TC

What happens when you spend a few hours talking about music, songwriting and life while having sushi with Dallas Green? If you are as talented as Geneviève Racette, you get to join him on the big stage to perform a duet of “Hello, I’m In Delaware”.

Today, Geneviève released her cover of the song on all platforms. If you are a fan of Dallas Green and City and Colour, you can understand what Dallas saw in Geneviève’s version that compelled him to invite her on one of Montreal’s largest stages.

Hello, I’m in Delaware

Send her some encouragement on Social! Today’s Insta Post was raw and beautiful, just like her music.





If you want to know more about Geneviève Racette, check out the Interview we did with her.

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