The Holds @ O Patro Vys – January 29th 2016

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The biting cold wind swept right through my thin faux leather coat, as I parked 4 blocks away from the venue based on a GPS that was in a bad mood that night.  I was already scheduled to review The Sheepdogs that night, but after our interview, I promised to attempt to attend their show, to at the very least catch a few of the songs on the menu for that evening.

How relieved I was to enter the warm ambiance of a party already in progress.  My GPS was off, but my timing was right, as the band was starting their set of the songs that would see the front two rows dance energetically during the whole performance.  Joshua Carey of Po Lazarus opened the show, before I got there.


Having played the bar circuit for years, this band was on a mission to elicit movement from within with their soul and rock infused groove.  This party was to release their Self Titled debut EP.

Here is the recipe to The Holds:

1 tablespoon of 60s Motown

1 tablespoon of 70s Blues

1 Tablespoon of 70s Rock and Roll

1 Cup of Soul

A pinch of Cool

Mix well with minimal overdubs with an analogue spoon.

Serve Chilled at your next party.


The show started with “Hold You Tight”, the second song off the new EP, a bluesy number to help us limber up.  The mood was enhanced by looped analogue live film projections by Daniel Oniszeczko.

Playing the songs off their new EP, the band also treated us to some new numbers.  Their latest video features the song Can’t Go Back.  They spiced up the song with an “improved jam to give the audience something raw” according to Ryan Setton.  Watch a little of the vibe from the evening: 


“The show was just electric, we could feel all the love from the audience and we in turn gave it right back.  It was like the perfect give and take situation, we all felt at home” said Ryan of the show.  Ryan, sporting a great The Cure T-Shirt took advantage of its absorption as he literally put his sweat and tears (minus the tears) into the performance.  I can’t remember the song, but Andre had this sick bass line at one point, Alex had the funky keys, Eric stretched those guitar strings and Justin kept the song together with some great beats.


It was a great intimate gathering of friends supporting this local band with a modern retro sound.

Follow them on the website and make sure to see them when they next perform.  Bring your dancing shoes.


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Randal Wark is a Professional Speaker and Business coach with a passion for live music.  You can follow him on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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