Interview – Blue October’s Justin Furstenfeld

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Houston rock band Blue October recently released their new full-length album “This Is What I Live For”. The record sees the band in corners of life they haven’t explored before, honing in on the band’s interpersonal relationships and experiences with growing older.

The new optimistic outlook does not preclude them from returning to sad or depressed lyrical content, however. It also sees the band reflecting on their history and the trials and tribulations of their past, continuing what gives the band their unique, Blue October-esque sound. Frontman Justin Furstenfeld has never been afraid to address uncomfortable or even ugly thoughts and emotions that many people may think or feel, but are unable to articulate. 

Blue October knows there is probably always going to be some darkness in life – and that’s all right. As Justin says, “That’s what this new album is really about, embracing the darkness and feeling the romance in life again.”

We caught up with Justin to chat about this new album, his sobriety and how he’s being prolific during 2020.

Check out the interview below:

“This Is What I Live For” is out now via Up/Down Records

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