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Montreal Rocks spoke with two of the members of North Reign from Maple Ontario.

North Reign

As we start the Interview, I first make sure that Nick Scaglione is not the Tampa Gambling Mob Boss who shares his name (he isn’t), and Anthony Carbonara volunteers that he is not the pasta sauce, although a dish in his own rights…with the ladies.

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With that first impression, I begin to realize that this band likes to have a good time, don’t take themselves too seriously, yet are serious about the career path they chose.

At the tender age of 10, Anthony knew that playing music was inevitable.   

“It had a lot to do with the fact that my dad played (drums) and watching his band play when I was young.”  

His dad would play with his band at the Toronto Rib Fest and one year, Anthony won a blow-up guitar and was able to join him on stage.  By the next year, he had learned to play guitar and joined them with a real one.

Surrounded by a musical family, it was set in stone.  “I would have to go out of my way to ignore it.”   

Black Sabbath was the first CD Anthony bought, followed by Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC naturally followed.    

For Nick, it was a combination of his dad playing cool records and seeing Slash for the first time that made him say: “I want to do that.”  

He found an old classical guitar that his dad stashed away and so began his love of the instrument. 

Anthony, a true music fan, is known for being the first in line at major shows.  His Instagram begins with close up shots of Keith Richards, AC/DC and Slash. 

“When you see guys like Keith, my idol, you are just mesmerized.”  

Anthony observed that up close, these icons of rock were able to get in the zone while looking comfortable in their role.  

“I guarantee that when Keith Richards goes on stage, he doesn’t think about too much.  He lights his bud and plays Start Me Up.  It’s just a day at the office.”  

For it to become effortless, much effort had to be invested and this is something North Reign are not afraid to do.  

Gene Simmons, Dave Drossi’s (Bass) influence, has this larger-than-life character when on stage, but for North Reign, they are not characters behind a mask, but themselves, yet amplified.

“Something changes when you start to play, that’s a given.” admits Anthony.

The origin of the band name was simply a collection of a hundred words on paper, and after months of subtraction, they settled on North Reign.  

“It kind of fit, Canada…North…Reign.” Nick explains.

To choose the word Reign is a bold move, as it implies rulership of the realm of Rock-n-Roll, but a challenge the band will gladly take on.

“You know it’s electrifying.” Anthony comments on the lightning bolt of the logo. 

Anthony (Vocals/Guitar), Dave (Bass) and Nick (Guitar) were the core of the band, but it took some time to find that 4th member to complete them.    

Daniel Perri, referred to as a “sick drummer” joined the band, but a void still existed.  They needed a singer.

Their excitement to start playing trigged the choice that Anthony would simply fill that void, and off they went.

Like many starting out, they had a lot to learn about the business of running a successful band.  

“We had no clue what we were doing before.” confessed Nick.  With a lack of direction, naturally the social media channels reflected that.

“After a few years of being in a band and not moving in any direction, we got professional help.”

The advice was to delete it all, and start over, but with purpose.  

North Reign would move forward with purpose, direction and help in the form of mentors.

Brian Moncarz (Our Lady Peace, The Trews, Alice Cooper, The Tea Party) helped the band refine their sound in the studio.  

In Brian, the guys felt a like-mindedness and ability to produce the sound that was in their heads.  

“He’s really raw.  He understands the Rock-and-Roll spirit and the attitude of a good song.  We are less is more, and he is very less is more.” <Anthony> 

“He brings them to life.” <Nick>

The band shows up, delivers the song, and are confident that Brian will work his magic, like he has done for so many iconic Canadian legends.  

“He’s a good fifth member, in a sense.” According to Anthony, he will make suggestions that elevate the songs.

One of the songs Brian worked on is Better Off which is the latest video offering from the band.

Spoiler Alert:  Watch the video now before you continue!

At first, I was a disappointed in the portrayal of the women in the video.  In the post/current #metoo era, we want to see respected and empowered women.  

As the video progresses, the fan girls eventually do become empowered and not only take over the band, but also the gig and the van.

“They delivered more than we expected.” Anthony said of their performance.  

In the end, it’s is a tongue in cheek video that pays homage to the Rock videos of their youth, while not taking itself too seriously.

What the band does take seriously is the work.  COVID-19 did not slow them down, they have kept their work ethic through the pandemic, writing new songs and recording them.  

“It gave us a chance to work on the weaker side of things.”  shares Nick, referring to the business side, such as social media and marketing.

North Reign, active in the Toronto music scene, notice their peers who also put in the work, and those that simply vanished as if hibernating.  

“If you really want it, to be in a band, now is the test.  It’s so easy to give it up.” <Nick>

Obviously, the Pandemic fueled their determination to come out of it, a better and more experienced band.

We ended our conversation with a challenge.  In the spirit of Fantasy Football, I challenged the boys to Fantasy Rock Band to not only reign the North, but the whole world.

Band:  Global Reign

Singer:  David Lee Roth

“He’s the best front man of all time.”  <Nick>

“It’s where he belongs.  That guy is showbiz.” <Anthony>

Guitar:  Slash & Eddie Van Halen

Drums:  John Bonham (Chad Smith a close second)

Bass:  Gene Simmons

As I analyze the answers, it’s clear that this band would have this 70s/80s Rock Sound, which is close to what North Reign delivers, with their own modern flair.  

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Writer: Randal Wark is a Professional Speaker and MasterMind Facilitator with a passion for live music.  You can follow him on InstagramTwitter and YouTube. His Podcast RockStar Today helps musicians quit their days jobs with out of the box advice from Ted Talk Speakers, Best Selling Authors and other interesting Entrepreneurs and Creatives.

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