Interview with Kaelen Ohm about the new AMAARA album, Heartspeak

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Heartspeak is the excellent new album from musician, actor and award-winning filmmaker Kaelen Ohm’s multimedia project AMAARA.

The record is a 22-minute meditation on love, grief, freedom and self-evaluation, created out of a life-changing heartbreak and the end of a marriage. Ohm has personally directed videos for the songs as well as acting and dancing in the clips.

Heartspeak is the result of just ten days of songwriting, recording and producing with her longtime bandmate & engineer Brock Geiger from Reuben and the Dark. Writing all of the songs herself, Ohm would sit at the piano or with her guitar each morning until a song was formed and the two would collaborate on the production and instrumental performance as they spent the rest of the day creating music.

Recently Ohm was cast as a series regular in the new Netflix original series Hit and Run — a show created by the team behind The KillingHouse of Cards and The Handmaid’s Tale. Filming was put on pause, four weeks out from wrapping the first season, due to COVID-19.

Ohm spent part of her childhood in Fernie, BC, surrounded by nature and has also lived in Calgary and Toronto. She currently lives outside Los Angeles. We caught up with her as she took some time out in New Mexico to chat about the new album, how she juggles her many projects and how nature influences her music.

Watch the full interview below:

While we wait for the world to correct itself so that musicians can play live inside our music venues again, check out the video below of Amaara live at Toronto’s Burdock bar.

In 2018 Kaelen was cast as Kim, a woman who attends the funeral of a best friend, who she’s only spoken to online, in the critically acclaimed short film, Little Grey Bubbles.

Watch the full film below:

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