Jeff Tweedy @ Corona Theatre – 12th April 2018

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Jeff Tweedy

As Jeff Tweedy continues his solo romp through Canada it’s clear his legacy as a giant of American folk rock is 100% safe.

By stripping back selected songs from his massive discography with different acts and condensing it into the fantastic acoustic album ‘Together At Last’ Tweedy further reminds his fans how strong the force is with this one’s songcraft. And ‘Together At Last’ is a perfect reason to tour these beautiful, mostly old venues with all the upward room to push the delicate and expansive acoustics into. The Corona Theatre seems the perfect foil to these songs on this evening.

Jeff Tweedy corona theatre

Tweedy hops back and forth over his catalog to cherry pick the songs that fit the evening, whether going all the way back to his ‘Uncle Tupelo’ days or debuting a never before played song (which, sad to say, I didn’t catch the name of, anybody that knows it, by all means, leave it in the comments) pleasantly the tour has featured much from the 1999 album ‘Summerteeth’ arguably Wilco’s most poppy album. Like everything played Thursday night though, take away the incredible original production and you’re left with nothing lacking, these songs don’t suffer at all, I would wager they benefit.

Jeff Tweedy montreal

Beyond music, there is always the tremendous wit Jeff is famous for. If this man was not as funny as he is a show full of softly strummed guitars strumming softly with side to side head nodding… snooze. I’M AWAKE! Sorry, I’m back. Jeff’s wit is legendary, just off the top of my head you could youtube his cover of the ‘Black Eyed Peas – I Got A Feeling’, it’s priceless! There’s a quiet confidence to his banter that is a perfect palate cleanser. Even musically though, I think he’s pretty funny, obviously lyrics like “I am an American aquarium drinker” roll out and you think ‘wait, what?’ He even does a little thing in a couple songs to wind the crowd up where he brings the energy up a gear and plays something like acoustic surf rock and he has a wry smile while we’re all getting amped, like softly strummed guitars strumming strumming STRUMMING STRUUUMMMMING! And then he reenters the song having played the crowd as the instrument we are.

Jeff Tweedy corona

If you too want to be played by Jeff Tweedy, the ‘Together At Last’ tour is a great way to do it. Jeff will be playing historic Imperial Theatre in Saint John, New Brunswick (Which I have heard is considered one of the, if not THE finest music venue to play by the musicians that play there) On Saturday, April 14th and Wolfville, Nova Scotia’s Convocation Hall On Sunday, April 15th supported by fellow Chicago act Ohmme before heading back Stateside.

Jeff Tweedy montreal review

Together At Last Tour – Setlist

Via Chicago
Bombs Above
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
Ashes of American Flags
(Unknown) (New song being played for the first time)
Remember the Mountain Bed
New Madrid (Uncle Tupelo song)
Laminated Cat (Loose Fur song)
Bull Black Nova
Passenger Side
Noah’s Flood (Let’s Go Rain Again)
Jesus, Etc.
I’m the Man Who Loves You
California Stars
Impossible Germany
A Shot in the Arm

Review – Mike Rogers
Photos – Arianne Bergeron

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