Justin Trudeau delivers emotional tribute to Gord Downie

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered a few words this morning for the lead singer of The Tragically Hip, Gord Downie, who passed away from brain cancer last night at the age of 53.

Visibly shaken, Trudeau said “We lost one of the very best of us this morning. Gord was my friend, but Gord was everyone’s friend … our buddy Gord, who loved this country with everything he had. And not just loved it in a nebulous ‘Oh, I love Canada’ way, he loved every hidden corner, every story, every aspect of this country that he celebrated his whole life. We are less of a country without Gord Downie in it”

During the Tragically Hip’s final show in Kingston, Ontario in August of 2016, the frontman thanked the Prime Minister before the music began.

“Thank you to the Prime Minister for coming to our show,” he said. “It really means a lot, to all of us. He’s going to be looking good for about at least 12 more years, I don’t know if they let you go much more beyond that … we’re in real good hands, folks.”

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