Karkwatson + Julien Sagot @ Mtelus – 17th December 2018

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When Karkwa and Patrick Watson teamed up for a trio of collaborative performances as Karkwatson a decade ago, both were already established as key players in Quebecois rock but they seemed to come from very different ends of the musical spectrum. Watson, who performs in English, had just won the Polaris Music Prize, skyrocketing his exposure throughout Canada, while Karkwa, who perform in French, were largely unknown outside of Quebec. The band would win their own Polaris two years later, marking the first non-English record to do so.

But, in many ways, Karkwa & Patrick Watson have always been kindred spirits and when it was announced they would perform at Montreal’s legendary MTelus for two shows this December, tickets were snapped up in superfast time.

Check out these fantastic photos from the second show.


Close To Paradise
Le Compteur
Dormir le jour
Mieux respirer
Words In The Fire
Marie tu pleures
Les Chemins de verre
Turn Into Noise
Machinery Of The Heavens

KARKWATSON musicians:

Patrick Watson (vocals, piano, keyboards)
Mishka Stein (bass)
Robbie Kuster (drums, percussions, scie)
Joe Grass (guitars)
Simon Angell (guitars)
Louis-Jean Cormier (vocals, guitars)
François Lafontaine (keyboards)
Julien Sagot (percussion)
Martin Lamontagne (bass)
Stéphane Bergeron (drums)

Julien Sagot montreal

PRODUCTION : OPAK Productions/ Simone Records

Photos – Eric Brisson

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