Lily Allen + S-X @ Theatre Corona – 27th October 2018

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After a few weeks of touring in America, Lily Allen finally made it to Montreal. With a crowded floor, S-X opened the evening with songs that he not only wrote himself but also composed. He was accompanied by his laptop and made the stage look much bigger than it was. Although it looked lonely up on stage there was plenty of love coming from the crowd. To be honest it took me about the fourth or fifth song to start getting into his beat. His songs were all relatable but I just wasn’t hooked. With his laptop being his usual stage buddy he mentioned there was a show where his laptop fell off the stool and he had to sing acapella for the rest of the set. His laptop still sturdy on the stool, he wanted to give us a taste of his acapella skills. The crowd cheered as he sang his heart out for us.


The thirty-minute wait for Lily Allen to arrive on stage couldn’t pass fast enough. The floor was crowded but the balcony upstairs remained empty and no matter how many people were huddled together, the venue was pretty darn cold.

The lights dimmed, the stage lights flashed (and to be honest were totally blinding me) and Lily came out singing and more relaxed than I would have expected but it was only afterwards that she mentioned that she had been sick. Touring, taking care of her kids and still managing to muster the energy to get on stage every night and give us every bit of energy and smiles had understandably taken its toll on her health.

lily allen corona

Her reflective make-up and shirt were just as blinding as the lights and just as bright as her personality. She’s the kind of friend you take home to meet your parents. Down to earth and talking about everything real through her songs, and leaving her kids while she has to work she truly showed us a very human touch.

Her song Smile was really the song I was waiting to hear since it’s the song that got me hooked to Lily Allen. We were also lucky enough to get an exclusive and hear a song that had not been released yet. It was something special just for us.

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I think it was her last encore that really had the crowd going. Of course, she had to say a few words about it and even though she wrote it for a past President the song was as relevant now as it ever was. With the sweetest voice, she sang the words Fuck You while giving the finger and we all had her back and could imagine who we were giving the finger to at that moment. I must say having a crowd singing and yelling Fuck You while giving the finger, if only for a few minutes, really feels good. You should try it sometime.

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With a twenty-song set and an evening that went better than expected, Lily let us know she would be waiting for us at the Merch table to sign anything we wanted. For someone who spent most of the evening taking medicine and coughing between songs, she did a lovely job. She still gave the bit of energy she had left and was gracious enough to give us extra time and energy by staying an hour more to sign autographs on anything we wanted, chat, and take pictures. Less than half of the people stayed to get a chance to spend a few seconds with her. I think a few people were already expecting to meet her because while waiting in line some people had things to get signed that were not available at the merch table.

I patiently waited my turn and gave her my ticket to sign. She looked at me and smiled while she put her arm around me to take a picture. I really wanted to bring her home to meet my mom. Meeting Lily Allen wasn’t something I had hoped for or expected but I am so glad I did. It was worth the wait.

lily allen montreal review and photos

Review – Jenny Watson
Photos – Arianne Bergeron

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