Mac DeMarco @ MTelus – 23rd September 2019

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Mac DeMarco in Montreal

Mac DeMarco slothed onto the stage at MTelus on Monday the 23rd of September to perform in front of a young and energetic crowd. The keen audience didn’t show any sign of the Monday blues as they chanted “Mac, Mac, Mac” just before his set.

Once on stage and after politely introducing his instrumentalists in the pretty packed venue, he got cracking into “On The Level” from the album This Old Dog. Funnily enough, the keyboard player started playing the wrong song, which made everyone laugh, everything you would expect from a Mac DeMarco gig.

Watching and listening to him play his songs live brings a whole new level to Mac’s music: from his raspy voice and old school mic play, he makes you feel like you are truly in a Rock and Roll Night Club. Throughout the night, he played songs from most of his albums, sipped on beers and joked around with his bandmates and the audience. Famous for his quirky character, his shows revolve of course around his music, but also on his odd persona that is definitely great to witness live. Thanks Mac for the music…and the laughs! 

Review – Tristan James Evans
Photos – Maelle Ramsay

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