Maggie Rogers @ MTelus – 22nd March 2019

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Maggie Rogers at MTelus in Montreal

It was another a damp and cold March night in Montreal and I dreaded the thought of driving downtown by myself.  Everyone was panicking about the freezing rain that would turn into snow but I had been eagerly awaiting for my chance to witness the magical Maggie Rogers since she first appeared on my YouTube feed about two years ago.  

Maggie Rogers on stage at MTelus in Montreal

I immediately became entranced with this songbird for so many reasons.  Maggie is everything; Singer, songwriter, musician, and producer with a unique sound and the voice of a mythological goddess. There is also this lovely aura around her that I can’t really describe.  She doesn’t sound like anyone I’ve ever heard before. 

Never in my life have I seen MTELUS so damn packed, nor have I seen it so full of such beautiful women.  People were crammed from the stage to the exits and I could feel the heat rising to the balcony where I stood.  I know I’m not the only one who felt the powerful feminine energy in the air that night.

Maggie Rogers and her guitarist in Montreal

When Maggie emerged like an exotic creature in her zebra print jumpsuit, she instantly lit up MTELUS.  Glowing like the luminous moon, we all felt the force of her gravitational pull as she glided across the stage. Opening her set with the upbeat and catchy “Give a Little”.  Her body moved as though articulating every single word of her songs, each lyric creating a different physical response. She did this for every song, performing at full throttle.

Maggie Rogers on stage in Montreal

She fearlessly commanded the stage with a supernatural presence.  She was raw and emotional yet she was friendly and warm.  Maggie has that rare gift of appearing vulnerable and powerful at the same time.

Her songs are deeply personal and introspective and she delivers them with a sweetness that really draws you in.  Her tone and approach are so honest and pure that she creates a deep sense of trust.  The fact that her tour is sold out only justifies how relevant and phenomenal Maggie is.

Maggie Rogers concert in Montreal

Although her album was released in January, it appeared that everyone in the audience knew the words to all her songs.  She was visibly moved, stopping in mid-song to hear the crowd serenade her during “Light On” and “On and Off”.

She wasn’t afraid of sharing very deep thoughts and emotions, giving us the back story to “Retrograde” and “The Knife”.   Calmly stating that we all have to go through some “deep and dark shit” as the last two years of her life have been quite surreal.

“ If I can tell the world my deepest darkest secrets, then I’m bulletproof.” BBC Breakfast On 2-18-19

Maggie Rogers at MTelus in Montreal 2019

Since the video of her NYU submission of “Alaska” being critiqued by Pharrell went viral, Maggie was catapulted into the spotlight.  Appearing on Jimmy Fallon, Steven Colbert, SNL and Ellen in a very short period of time. This can be overwhelming for a 20 something-year-old student from a small town (Miles River, Easton Maryland) but Maggie looks like she is enjoying the ride so far.

If you follow her on social media, you can witness her embracing her journey and truly living in the moment, fully conscious of everything that is taking place.  

At one point she stopped the show and asked for the lights to be turned on because there were fans holding some unusual signs. When she reached over to take one, she realized that they were images of her face on a stick.  

Handing them over to her bandmates, she remarked that this may be her favorite show yet.  She acknowledged the fact that the Montreal show sold out months ago before her album was even released and was genuinely surprised.

The crowd went wild as soon they heard that distinct intro to “Alaska” as they did to the passionate “Burning”.  The biggest disappointment was that the show was too short.  

For the encore, Maggie returned to the stage all alone and did bewitching a cappella version of “Color Song”.  With only the power of her voice, she captivated the entire room.  It was the only time that nobody moved or sang along. As I stood transfixed I knew that I was very lucky to bear witness to this magical event.  

After the house lights went on, people were still not ready to leave as Whitney Houston’s “I Want To Dance With Somebody” blared through the speakers.   I watched as all the young and carefree girls sang and danced with pure joy.  Everything is energy and I felt a very powerful and positive sensation that night.

Maggie Rogers not only killed it at MTELUS, she created a celebration of the divine feminine spirit.   

Review – Annette Aghazarian
Photos – Steve Gerrard

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