Maitre Gims @ L’Olympia – May 6th, 2018

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Maître Gims review

Maître Gims Review

After performing in Quebec City and Ottawa, Maître Gims delighted us with his presence in Montreal last Sunday. Salimo, 4Say, Out$hine, Bebe, Says’z as well as DJ Jared Ross, DJ Arabika and last but not least Mohtorious opened the night before his entrance on stage. I felt a bit underwhelmed by most of their performances that seemed to heavily rely on playback and that lasted a bit too long in my opinion, but the DJs knew how to heat up the crowd with hit songs from Damso and Niska among others to get them ready for Gims.

“Megui” made his way on stage at around 9:15 pm, wearing a green Adidas outfit and his famous glasses hiding his eyes that only a few have had the honour to see. I didn’t really know what to expect from this evening as I am used to go to pop punk and rock shows rather than rap and what some would call “variété française”. Those around me in the VIP section of L’Olympia seemed to feel the opposite way: they knew for a fact that this night would be an amazing night with one of their favourite artists who is known to be a showman! He did not disappoint (or almost did not), to say the least. His set started with “Zombie” from his 2013 album Subliminal, a song during which the crowd sang along from start to finish without missing a beat until the final “Je suis un zombie”. Gims’ voice was powerful and on point throughout the whole song, setting the pace for the rest of the show.

Gims also made his fans experience live songs from his latest album Ceinture Noire, a diverse album that counts 40 songs! Among them, the rapper sang “Caméléon”, “Loup Garou” (a duo with fellow rapper Sofiane, which part he cut from the live performance), as well as “Gunshot”, “Corazon” (in featuring with Lil Wayne and French Montana), and “Anakin”. “Loup Garou” was definitely my favourite track of the night, showing Maître Gims’ kicking abilities, proving that he doesn’t only have a powerful and in tune voice, but also has a flow almost unmatched in the French rap game.

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The former frontman of Sexion d’Assaut made his oldest fans happy by performing classics from the hip-hop group such as “Désolé”, “Ma direction”, and “Wati by Night”, making us all feel like we were back in 2010. He also performed calmer songs such as “Tout donner”, “Est-ce que tu m’aimes”, but also his hit songs “Bella”, “Sapés comme jamais”, and ended his set with “La Meme”, a song that is originally a duo with French artist Vianney. His performance was solid, always in tune, and he knew how to get a very diverse crowd on their feet (Algerian and Moroccan flags could be observed in the crowd throughout the night. What’s up with that? Oh and were the bodyguards on stage really necessary? So many questions that will likely remain unanswered!)

Only couple drawbacks, in my opinion, would be the opening acts and the length of the show… I would have loved to see artists from the Wati-B family or other known French rappers opening for him. Moreover, a performance of an hour seems pretty short for an artist like Maître Gims, especially coming from someone who just released a 40-song album! Maître Gims may have been testing the waters here at L’Olympia and can be reassured: he has a strong following here in Montreal, ready to see him back anytime. I may even be back with them!

Review – Maxime Le Huidoux

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