Marc Dupré @ Bell Centre – 9th June 2018

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From seeing him do comedy as a teenager following his music career, seeing Marc Dupré live had been on my bucket list for just about 15 years. Needless to say, I definitely had high expectations for this show.

As we walked into the Bell Centre we were all given a little bracelet and instructed to put it on, and wait to be seated and they would tell us what it was for. I was intrigued. I was sitting down for 3 minutes and everything went black and just a few moments later the lights of the stage turned on, as did all the bracelets and Marc Dupre was there on stage. I was already mesmerized by how intense in lights and colour everything was. The bracelets changed colours in sync with the lights from the stage. It was amazing.

The show started with a bang as Marc was finishing the first song and confetti blew everywhere. I could already tell this show was not going to be like most others. After we were over the shock of the blast and of course saying a few jokes he says “The next two hours will be my most beautiful reason to exist.” As he said that, he mentioned that, as a writer 14 years ago, he wrote a song for his son, so it would only be the right time for him to sing it accompanied with his son. What a beautiful moment to see his son playing the piano and Dupré singing in front of all these people just for him. We were very lucky to have a few duets over the next 2 hours. He sang with Andreanne Mallette (from Star Academie), Rafael Dolan Bachand (from La Voix Junior), and his daughter Stella, who he had recently filmed a duet with that went viral. Although Marc is a French singer he is bilingual and his duets were English songs. With Rafael, he sang a bilingual version of Castle On The Hill by Ed Sheeran, with Andreanne he performed Zombie from The Cranberries, with Stella the song was You Are The Reason which they had sung together on the video, and of course some Bryan Adams, who he was known for imitating in his comedy days.

What a show, but it would not have been the same without some more interaction from LED colour-changing beach balls everywhere. It was a spectacular scene and it was one of those nights where you leave the venue feeling like you truly had an experience. Even though he is mostly known to the French community, his bilingualism makes him accessible to the English public and worth discovering.

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Review – Jenny Watson

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