Marina Diamandis + Daya @ Mtelus – September 11th 2019

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It’s been about three years since Marina has stepped foot in Montreal for a show. Now with the release of her brand new record “Love+Fear”, she finds herself on tour after a long hiatus that drove her fan base insane. Now the crowd of dolled up Marina fans wait with great anticipation for her return. 

Up first, and serving Montreal a setlist full of easily recognisable songs, is the young and lovely vocalist, Daya. Her stage presence was intoxicating, and MTelus was here for it. Her voice is absolutely incredible, strong and loud, effortlessly hitting the perfect note. Daya and her band of two took the stage as their own, wrapping everyone around their fingers while they were at it.

As someone who hasn’t paid much attention to her music before,
although I’ve definitely heard her songs everywhere, I’ll be listening to her more closely. There wasn’t one song that I didn’t enjoy. From her more catchy-poppy side in “Sit Still, Look Pretty” to her smoother, slightly more alternative side with “Insomnia”. She made sure the crowd was dancing along with her while she was up there, and left Montreal’s crowd wanting more.


As soon as the stage fell empty again, jittery excitedness was just spilling from everyone in the venue as we collectively waited for what was to come next. 

Suddenly, a wave of silence rushed through the building as two figures stepped into view. Two dancers, one male one female, performed an opening choreography, which introduced another figure to take her place on stage. It was the beautiful Marina herself, dressed in a green, full bodysuit. 

The night’s setlist was started off with “Handmade Heaven”, a gorgeously serenading track from “Love+Fear”. Marina sang middle stage as the two dancers continued their choreography, leaving MTelus in awe as we sang along with her singing. For her next song, she jumped all the way back to 2010, and played a song from “The Family Jewels”. Red, white and blue lights dancing behind her on screen, and two new female background dancers/vocalists joined her right and left side. She straight-up threw “Hollywood” at us and really got the party stirring. 

Her set went on, and she would take breaks to speak to her loving crowd. “Bonjour Montreal!” The crowd lost their minds whenever she spoke, clinging to every word. She announced that she and the rest of her crew have made the Love+Fear tour plastic-free and that all of her merch is ethically made. Her fans clearly supported it, the screams are still cheering in the back of my head. Marina’s set would consistently switch between her newest album and her three others. But no matter which era she would transport us to, every lyric would be shouted back at her. 

Each song performed had its own simple and elegant visuals that were projected onto the large sheet that was behind her. Marina and her background dancers were constantly emerged in fitting colours and pictures, piecing the performance together as they went on. She fulfilled everyone’s dreams when she sat down at her piano, and beautifully sang “Idle Teen”. Her vocals were just flawless. Every word or note she sang cradled every person watching her. It felt as though she was singing for you, and you only. And with that, the “Love” portion of the set had ended. 

Once again, the stage fell empty and greeted the same two dancers from the beginning of the show. They performed another choreography, this one a bit more angsty, and involved a lot of symbolic running after the other. Once “Believe in Love” started playing, Marina waltzed back to centre stage, wearing cute satin blue shorts with a matching blue top. The crowd’s energy rose up again upon hearing her fantastic voice. 

Once again, Marina brought us back in time to visit an era that is loved by all. She stood in front of the crowd, and asked: “Are there any Bubblegum Bitches in here?” and laughed when deafening screams were expelled from the mouths of every single Bubblegum Bitch that was at MTelus. “I’m still a Bubblegum Bitch!” she continued, “Even though it’s been like seven years since I wrote that song.” You can probably guess which song started up immediately after, and it sent Montreal over the edge. After a few more songs, her piano was introduced again. She explained that she would be performing a demo called “I’m Not Hungry Anymore” that was leaked off of “Froot”, which fans are obsessed with online. She even hinted that she’d release it sometime soon. 

No one said a word while she sang. It was the perfect time for Marina to show off her vocal capabilities. So she did. She honestly had everyone held by the throat, in complete appreciation of her talents. After a long break from music and writing, the Love+Fear tour is Marina Diamandis’ way of reminding everyone why we were so dedicated in the first place. 

The show went on, and after a fun and lively performance of “Baby”, Marina thanked the crowd and left along with her dancers. The crowd would not shut up. Screaming, chanting, and stomping, demanding the return of an icon. She gave us what we wanted, and performed two more songs, “End of the Earth” and “How to Be a Heartbreaker”. Everyone danced and jumped like crazy for that last one, proudly screaming back lyrics. And with that, Marina Diamandis’ set had come to an end. We aren’t sure exactly how long Marina plans on staying out of hiatus, or how long her next one would be (if there is a next one), but we sure as hell know that we’ll always be ready for more. That was the most fun I’ve had at a show in a while, and you can be confident that I’ll be there for the next one. 

Review – Jamie Siddall 
Photos – Eric Brisson

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