Montreal Prog-Rock band Algorhythm release single inspired by “Solitude”

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The new reality for many musicians, especially for Montreal-bred collective Algorhythm , is being at the mercy of solitude.  Inspired by the current state of humanity, Alexander Lioubimenko (Keyboards, Vocals), former protégé of Maestro of the USSR Sympho-Jazz National Orchestra, and Jazz Performance graduate, created the single “Solitude”. 

 The track is an impromptu, born of strange-yet-transformative times. Spending hours on Zoom, with various parts recorded from home and sent by WeTransfer, is the new reality for many musicians.  

 The piece begins with an elevating flute intro which transports you to a magical world. Its serene sound invokes images of flying pixies and other fantastic creatures.  The band say this solitary time has brought out a deeper level of creativity. 

 On the initial inspiration behind the single Lioubimenko says: “Faced with the unforeseen Covid-19 reality, humans are left one-on-one with themselves. Salvation is expected from others while we save our own minds from ourselves.”

Check out the video below:

Algorhythm claim to be “an explorative vessel whose goal is to explore the boundaries of music and genres with exceptional skill.  Transcending musical boundaries, experimentation and improvisation govern the band’s musical thematic.”  

Each artist adds their own unique flavour, creating an original and rich sound while adding a fresh new spin to 70’s prog-rock and jazz.  
This year, Algorhythm has already released 2 singles “Earth” and “Collections” with “Solitude” on the way and a fourth one coming in June 2020. They had previously released three songs on a debut self-titled EP in July 2019 along with a music video.

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