Montreal’s Helena Deland shares new song ahead of her debut album

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Montreal artist Helena Deland today unveils the song Pale from her album Someone New, to be released on October 16, 2020, under the Chivi Chivi label. 

“Pale talks about the little space left to oneself in romantic relationships where idealization comes into play. The stream in the video represents the question of control when control is ultimately impossible.”

-Helena Deland

Listen to the new song below:

Someone New is the first full-length album by Helena Deland, following the 2018 series of EPs titled Altogether Unaccompanied. During this two-year period, she toured with, among others, Weyes Blood and Connan Mockasin, as well as opening for Iggy Pop in Paris and collaborating with JPEGMAFIA.

About the album

A unique transformation takes place when a lover sets eyes on our bedroom for the first time: suddenly, involuntarily, the bedroom is no longer ours. Objects and their arrangement take on new meanings under the foreign gaze and we try to adopt this filter to glimpse what they reveal about us. If in these moments, it is the gaze of the other that makes the room appear as we see it, a desperate question is formulated: what is left without the other? Without approval or external recognition, how does the “me” manifest itself and what forms does it take?

These deep paranoias are the material for Helena Deland’s debut album  Someone New, in which she explores notions of gender, power, time and this “me”. We feel that she is completely in control of her style although she uses it to question the very possibility of control. 

Written and recorded over a period of two years, the album brings together songs that began with voice and guitar and whose recording unfolds an opulent sound horizon that mixes elements of hypnagogic pop and classical folk. . Deland’s voice, sometimes whispering, sometimes propelled by distortion, always full and clear, unifies everything, inviting the listener into her world.

Photo credit – Tess Roby

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