Mother Mother + Said the Whale @ l’Astral – 8th March 2019

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It’s been two years since Mother Mother’s last appearance in Montreal. They had given a fantastic show, special in every way imaginable. They hold a very close relationship with this city, and it was as if every breath and movement was in unison on Friday night.


Excitement oozed from the venue as everyone waited for the appearance of the opening band. Cheers greeted them as they walked onto the stage, dressed in Mother Mother shirts and hats. Guitarist and vocalist Tyler Bancroft introduced everyone and took a second to thank Mother Mother for bringing them on the Canadian portion of their tour.

Montreal was Said the Whale’s last stop on tour, and they showed their appreciation for Mother Mother by performing a short and broken lyric version of their song “Body”

Their energy was high all night, and really connected with the crowd during songs like “Wake Up” and “UnAmerican,” both from their brand new record “Cascadia.” Both Tyler and Ben Worcester explained the meaning behind a few songs and delivered them to L’Astral covered in pride.

My favourite moment was when Tyler told the crowd about his infant son, and poured his heart out as he played us a song he had written for him called “Level Best.”

Said the Whale brought a perfect set list to the table, and Montreal showed their gratitude to the band with loud cheers as they thanked us and Mother Mother for a wonderful last night on tour.


The first time I saw Mother Mother live, I was floored by the connection they had with the crowd. Once again, Ryan Guldemond expressed his love for Montreal’s energy and culture, just as he did two years ago.

Right off the bat, they started their set with the first track off their brand new record, called “I Must Cry out Loud.” The entire venue sang along to the powerful, self-reviving lyrics, filling the room with love and inspiration. Such a great song to introduce both a record and a concert with. The show continued with high energy, appropriately coloured lights swallowing the room whole.

After opening up about their love for Montreal, and about how happy they are to have been able to tour with Said the Whale, Ryan introduced older songs to the crowd such as “Body of Years” and “Dirty Town.” Each song flowed into the next as Ryan’s fingers shredded through his guitar, his voice accompanied by the lovely voices of Molly Guldemond and Jasmin Parkin. Three completely different and unique voices all compliment each other perfectly, harmonizing with each other so extraordinarily.

In the middle of their set, Molly stepped away from her keyboard to perform a heartfelt rendition of “Creep” by Radiohead. Her soft, high pitched voice captured every emotion right on the dot. The crowd softly sang along with her, sending her screams of amazement when she’d show off just how high her voice can be brought.

Right before playing “Family,” drummer Ali Siadat stood from his kit and spoke a few words in broken French to Montreal. He explained that this city is held in a very special place in their hearts and that every time they come visit they feel refreshed and are so grateful for the relationship they have with their fans here. He told us that the band sees Montreal as family. That’s something that is for sure going to stick with everyone that was present.

The heartwarming moments don’t stop there. During “So Down”, each member of Said the Whale joined Mother Mother on a single mic to give a hand with vocals. Hugs and “thank yous” were exchanged at the end of the song, showing the crowd the strong bond that can link two bands together while touring. And for their last song, “Ghosting,” each member of Said the Whale returned on stage, covered in white sheets with the eyes cut out. A cute little prank played for their last show on the Dance and Cry Tour.

The cheering didn’t stop for an encore. The room kept shaking with everyone’s screams and got even louder once Ryan and Jasmin walked over to a keyboard. Ryan started the first chords to the interlude “Biting on a Rose,” which is Jasmin’s solo on the record “Dance and Cry.” She took everyone’s breath away with her vocal abilities.

The rest of the band joined them as the song had finished, and they performed “Stand” as their finale. A fan favourite that was heavily requested to be put on the set list.

Mother Mother has been around for about 15 years. They’ve experimented with lyrics and sounds, and have kept a close relationship with their fan base. Seeing them perform live is an experience. Not only because they never fail to put on an unforgettable show, but because of how you can see the respect each member has for each other. Ryan Guldemond is a man that lives and breathes his music. They are a band filled to the brim with creativity and talent. It’ll always be mesmerizing to see them perform.

Review – ‎Jamie Siddall‎

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