New transatlantic cultural project brings together Italian and Italian-Canadian musicians

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On Sunday, October 18th 2020, the Sincop8ed Noize Foundation, with the support of the Italian Institute of Culture of Montréal, will be presenting on its official platforms the first episode of Note D’Identità – La Musica Come Vettore di Identità Culturale: a transatlantic cultural project series aiming to bring together Italian and Italian-Canadian musicians as a means to celebrate their cultural heritage within the context of music.

The project aligns with the Foundation’s mission which is to support, promote and develop independent musicians, and is of particular importance this year given the difficult socio-economic climate musicians (and the music industry) are currently facing.

The project consists of a total of 7 episodes: 6 episodes (of approximately 40 minutes each) to be broadcasted live weekly and a final end-of-series recorded episode. In every episode, 4 musicians (2 Italians, 2 Italian-Canadians) will be interviewed by Andrea Gozzi (musician, musicologist and author of the series Appunti di Rock and Insta Rock) and Francesca Sacerdoti (project coordinator, freelance writer, music publicist, and musician). These discussions will be an opportunity for musicians to share their stories, artistic influences, background, interests, and how these impact their music.

The final episode will be a musical collaboration and cover of an Italian song performed by the participating artists. The song will be produced by Dave Traina, music producer of the well-known recording studio, Freq Shop, in Montreal.

Starting Monday September 14th 2020, artists across Italy and Canada are invited to apply online on the Sincop8ed Noize Foundation’s website: A panel of music industry professionals will select the 24 artists who will participate in the series.
Note D’Identità, is also made possible thanks to Freq Shop, Godin
, Montreal Rocks, Extra Music Magazine and Presstown Media.

The Sincop8ed Noize Foundation: a non-profit organization whose mission is to support, promote and develop emerging musicians through events and educational activities.


Francesca Sacerdoti (Coordinator):
Alessia Priolo (President) –

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