Parcels @ Theatre Fairmount – 25th February 2019

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Parcels band at Theatre Fairmount in Montreal

Bouncy floors and happy funk vibes – A night filled with fun, joy and positive energy.

It’s rare nowadays that you get to see fun shows like the one Parcels gave Monday night. It was pure fun and the fans were magically expressive toward their adored band. The electric energy between the band and the crowd was fantastic. Happy, joyful and loud, everyone (literally everyone including the bartenders behind the bar) was dancing, singing and clapping along the songs.

Parcels singer at Theatre Fairmount in Montreal

In that room that night, a truly nice and positive energy was flowing around and if you weren’t there you definitely missed a great show. What a fun night!

Parcels guitarist at Theatre Fairmount in Montreal

If you’re into Parcels, you probably know that the band was formed in Australia back in 2014 by five talented musicians and that they are now based in Berlin and signed to the French label Kitsuné. You must also know that non-other than the great and famous Daft Punk themselves produced their first singles and album! You can certainly hear the influence in their music, which is “sort of a blend between electro-pop and disco-soul” (as they describe themselves), with an obvious love for the 70s.

Parcels band at Theatre Fairmount in Montreal, Canada

The show was sold-out and everyone arrived early. The first act was Brooklyn’s Penthouse Boys after which the DJ was playing happy funk music to put the fans in a good mood. Already, you could tell the crowd was ready to party.

Parcels bassist at Theatre Fairmount in Montreal

Parcels opened the show with the song “Games of Luck”. They played a few first notes and the fans were already screaming and dancing. The band gave a flawless music performance throughout the night. Singing in perfect timing and harmony. As being undeniably excellent musicians, they played super tight with each other. From the beginning until the end. It was a nice dance party and every member of the band seemed to have had a blast on stage.

Although it was their first visit to Montreal, it is probably not their last. Right before the 4th song, the band declared “We’re having fun!”. By the time they performed “Older”, the whole room was still dancing and the level of energy was truly amazing, so much so that the floor was bouncing underneath our feet.

They closed the show with their biggest hit, “Overnight”, and the crowd went just a little wilder. Before leaving the stage one at a time, each member played their instrument solo one after another. Leaving the drummer alone on stage at the end, playing his last beats. The fans were screaming with joy and Toto seemed truly surprised by their reaction. Shaking his head with his hands, he then made a last grateful gesture before exiting the stage. The crowd continued screaming their name. What a party.

Parcels keyboard player at Theatre Fairmount in Montreal

Parcels played for an hour and five minutes in total. Which is quite a lot for a band with just one album. Generous with their time and energy, they played flawlessly throughout the show. A great night. For all the fans. But also, for the band. You could tell they had a lot of fun performing for their Montreal fans.

Come back soon Parcels!

Review – Marie-Lyne Quirion
Photos – Steve Gerrard

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