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It’s been a little while that I have been following the career and evolution of an interesting young singer from Montreal, Ariana Ianniciello aka Ari Skye, and I have to tell the truth: I am quite impressed by the professional steps she has been taking in her career so far. Backed up and managed by Charles Vaccaro, singer/songwriter, as well as former lead guitar and founder of the late ‘80s Canadian rock band Lipstik, Ari, just released her new single and video Look Into My Eyes, a fresh infusion of youthfulness for the ears and the hearts.

At the dawn of a peculiar Canadian spring/summer, this song, written by Vaccaro and produced by Nicholas Sifoni and Peter Ranallo, can easily flourish in the souls of the listeners by refashioning the sweet and suggestive teen-love atmospheres of The Party (La Boum, 1980). Directed by filmmaker Marco Immatteo, the video also conveys those well-known adolescent dynamics with simplicity, thus proving to be the perfect ‘envelope’ for this piece.

From the very beginning, the overall melody comes out as catchy and entertaining. Its sound, clearly pop, merges with Ari’s voice in perfect symbiosis. As mentioned, the video plays its part in providing the track with the ideal scenario while putting the singer at the focal point of its development.

Yet what immediately stands out is Ari’s vocal potential. This young talent (only 16 years old) clearly knows how to manage her vocal cords by modulating every note without ever being excessive or too saccharine. Her strength is that je ne sais quoi which accompanies her persona and somehow peculiarly defines the vibe of the piece.

Prior to this release but after Warriors, her debut single, Ari Skye had also delivered a rendition of L’Amour Existe Encore, quite a challenge considering who sang it originally, but through which she proved the will to find her place within the ‘Major League’ of the music industry.

Considering the current times, Look Into My Eyes can truly be conceived as a viaticum for the morale. In its lightness resembling that of a feather caressing the skin, it also has that inherent fragility which is characteristic of young feelings. Still, the universality of its story makes this song adequate for every ear and heart, no matter the age.

Watch the video for Look Into My Eyes below:

Francesca Sacerdoti
Photo credit – Marco Iammatteo

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