Sabrina Claudio + Snny + Kallitechnis @ Corona Theatre – 1st November 2018

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Sabrina Claudio review Montreal

The last time Corona saw Sabrina Claudio, she was opening for 6lack. Montreal fell in love with her. And we proved our love for her last night, with a long line of people waiting down Notre Dame for the doors to open.


The night started off smooth as Kallitechnis introduced her smooth vocals to the crowd. She told us it was her first time performing at Corona, and that she felt right at home since Montreal is her home city. Her set was short but unforgettable, filled with high notes, milly rocks and flowy lyrics.


Next up was Snny, alongside with his stunning DJ and guitarist. Surrounded by pretty pink lights, Snny sang about his experiences growing up in New York, and of being an immigrant in the United States. He told us about his “Learning to Swim” concept and taught us ques for lyrics while he performed. He gave a lively and playful show, while his DJ and guitarist playfully feuded through rhythms and beats.


Although everyone loved the two openers brought to us, it was time for the show everyone had been waiting for. Sabrina Claudio walked over to the center microphone, her band engulfing her presence with the intro to Come Here.
Sabrina had all of Corona lost in a trance, serenading everyone in the room with her chilling, and incredible voice.

Each song brought a certain mood to the crowd, and we all were in awe as she swayed and danced along to the music, her band pulling the crowd into a rhythmic paradise, and not one of us wanted to leave.

She spent a lot of time speaking to the crowd, explaining the process of writing her latest album, “No Rain, No Flowers”, her thought process while writing, and even taking majority requests for songs to perform, such as Orion’s Belt. Her light show never failed to pair perfectly with her vocals and movements, setting the same vibe that her performance was throwing into the room.

She reminded the crowd of her goals with an amazing performance of Cycle and showed us exactly how to bring a certain mood into a room with Unravel Me.

Her set went by alarmingly fast, and after telling Montreal how happy she is to be able to perform for us again, she executed an amazing show for her song Belong to You.

The crowd didn’t hesitate to shout for an encore, screaming and clapping for her return. Not long after, Sabrina was seen walking back to the stage with a glass of wine in hand, and a huge smile on her face. Sabrina and her pianist played a very intimate version of I Don’t and had everyone in the room hypnotized by her stunning vocals, while her pianist flawlessly executed a very lovely performance on keys. A perfect ending to a perfect night.

Montreal got a great look at Sabrina’s personality, her vocal capabilities, and her sense of humour. Her performance was very personal, filled with vulnerability and passion. She really brings an extraordinary feel into the R&B game.

Corona Theatre was on fire, passion and raw emotion feeding the flame, and Sabrina Claudio was the one to bring the heat onto Montreal. Without a doubt, we’re all on our toes for her next performance here.

Review – Jamie Siddall

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