Quebec’s Special Ops return!

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Billed as an alternative rock band, Special Ops have been described as the offspring of Metallica and Slipknot. And, after a brief hiatus, the Quebec band is back and touring in support of their latest release, Tangents.

Their music involves topics which are especially timely in 2017. “I love people, but hate mankind!” is vocalist Akbar’s explanation of the emotion that drives their music. However they are very much aware of the fact that they themselves are just as flawed as everyone else, and yet express their anger at the political stupidity, atrocities, and general flaws people inhabit through their music. According to Akbar, they do not know how they will be releasing their newest songs, but for the moment, you need to catch them live to hear any of their new material, and being fuelled by their want to succeed, their music sounds better than ever.

Special Ops originally formed on January 22nd 2002 and is currently made up of Akbar Johnson as the lead singer and guitarist, Waldo Thornhill on bass, Weka BW as the lead guitarist, and Pat Kadaver on drums.

Catch them live at Katacombes on August 11th.

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