Stick To You Guns’ Jesse Barnett – Love Hardcore, Hate Violence

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Stick To Your Guns frontman Jesse Barnett has explained how, although he loves the hardcore scene, he could live without the violence in the crowd at many shows.

Speaking with UK magazine Rock Sound, the vocalist, who lives in Montreal, said “When we started – and even now to a point – there was so much violence in hardcore. I identify with the anger and the aggression that comes with the genre, but I don’t identify with the violence that goes on. I’m not saying don’t mosh, just don’t be an ass-beater.”

We’ve also seen similar behaviour at Montreal hardcore shows, most recently the Code Orange show at La Sala Rossa where our photographer was left bleeding whilst trying to do his job.

Jesse says “It often seems deliberate, rather than just letting that aggression out. I’ve had my bell rung a few times, but the kid has always come and checked that I’m okay. I think that all of the frustration that we are all feeling needs a direction. We need to know that we are channelling that anger towards the right things, and not the person standing next to you wearing the same shirt and singing along to the same songs as you. It feels so counterproductive.”

Stick To Your Guns are currently on tour in Australia in support of recent album, True View.

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