Sticky Fingers @ Corona Theatre – 23rd March 2019

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Sticky Fingers @ Corona Theatre

Almost exactly a year before their two sold-out shows at Corona Theatre, Sticky Fingers broke their year-long hiatus and announced their comeback. On March 25th 2018, the band said ‘Look who’s back’, and indeed hasn’t looked back since. Stronger and better than ever, they released Yours To Keep in early February 2019, along with a bunch of North American dates.

Sticky Fingers onstage at Corona Theatre in Montreal

Montreal’s always had a thing for the Aussie reggae/rock band, and the love story continues as they are performing at maximum capacity at Corona Theatre this time, two nights in a row. After show gigs at Le Quai Des Brumes (2015), l’Astral (2016) and Club Soda (2016) it seems like their unique sound does the trick with Montrealers.

Not to get back too much into the dark times of Sticky Fingers and the rough patch of frontman Dylan Frost which eventually lead to their hiatus, but in Yours To Keep, the band (and Frost) open up about alcoholism and mental health issues. In a way, this brought them to record meaningful and deep lyrics, which stand out from their previous albums since Caress Your Soul.

Overall, their first of two shows in Montreal was as insane as all their previous shows in the city. Frost returned to his old ways by scaling to the 2nd level balcony and casually evading security, while tip-toeing along the ledge and returning to the stage to deliver the final part of the song… nothing less.

With a setlist of twenty songs that included party tunes from the last records and songs from the new album, the balance was great and the crowd was as intense as the band on stage, rocking with their iconic ‘staches.

Even with a band member somewhat indisposed by a recent foot injury, (Paddy was hit by a car in Philadelphia), this tour definitely shows that they made it through, matured and that they are Not Done Yet.

Sticky Fingers live band photo taken by Maëlle Ramsay

Review & photos – Maëlle Ramsay

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