Stone Temple Pilots + Seether + Default @ Place Bell – November 15th 2018

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Place Bell welcomed a trio of bands that was surely going to bring back memories of the early 2000s and high school days. With a much-awaited show and many Facebook posts of people who couldn’t wait to be there, it was quite the surprise to see the venue had been made significantly smaller. I thought this was only a great opportunity for a more intimate and personal show. I was caught off guard when instead of an empty floor there were chairs. Are people really going to be sitting down during this show?

Default was first up on stage, as usual, the first band never draws much of a crowd but this time it was emptier than usual. It’s early, in Laval, on a weekday. No need to fuss over the lack of people.

The lack of audience didn’t stop singer Dallas Smith from talking to the crowd, bringing the energy up, and starting the evening off right. As the opening band and having only thirty minutes to warm us up they played their most popular hits including Wasting My Time which definitely brought back memories of my teenage years, and a few more that were special requests they had gotten through Twitter.

It seemed that Seether was THE band that the crowd were there for tonight. Default and Stone Temple Pilots were just a bonus. To be honest I was also there for Seether. Having been a fan since I had seen one of their live shows on DVD about ten years ago I was convinced this would be nothing short of a memorable night. Bringing some of their greatest hits on stage there was a lack of emotion, or seemingly wanting to be there tonight. Not only was there barely a word said to the audience, between every song all the lights were shut off and that time was used to play some kind of melody that to me sounded more like they were trying to tune their guitars and were too shy to do it with the lights on.

I thought there was no way hearing Broken live was not going to give me the hope that this show was going to be saved. Yet again a lack of emotion and no matter how powerful the singer’s voice is, it didn’t make up for the lack of emotion during the song. It wasn’t until the last three songs of their set that the crowd got a bit more excited and showed enthusiasm but that didn’t seem to have any effect on the band.

There was still hope! Stone Temple Pilots was coming up next, I knew a few songs, and the night was still young.

With the death of their lead singer Scott Weiland obviously having a major impact on the band and fans all around, having the band arrive on stage finally got people moving, jumping, and singing.

Sadly only a few songs in people all around hadn’t stopped their conversations, enough people were leaving to make it really obvious at how many there were left. I have to give it to the singer for keeping up his energy and doing his best to keep whatever was left of the crowd engaged. Singer Jeff Gutt said while talking to the crowd “You guys are the loudest crowd we’ve had on this tour” and I honestly didn’t know whether to believe that or not. Despite the lack of many things, there was an abundance of friends coming together to have a good time, see their favourite band and enjoy the present moment.

Review – Jenny Watson
Photos – Kieron Yates

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