TASH SULTANA + Ocean Alley @ Place Bell – 14th November 2018

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Ocean Alley’s set was the perfect warm-up for Place Bell. Baden Donegal’s cool vocals were perfectly accompanied with jazzy drum lines, Les Paul guitar solos, and fitting pink and blue lights. Everyone in the venue softly swayed along to their rhythm. They produced a comforting set. It made me think of the long drives down to Hampton beach in the summer. I can’t think of a better opener for Tash Sultana.

Tash Sultana montreal


Every time Tash Sultana performs in Montreal, they succeed at sweeping everyone off their feet with their heart aching guitar skills and impressive on-the-spot mixing. Their show at Place Bell was no different.

Tash started us off with an exciting two-part song called Big Smoke. The entire theatre was instantly blown away by the psychedelic-like visuals being played behind Tash’s set up. I quickly found myself clinging to each note she produced. Paying as much attention as I could. Trying to keep up with Tash’s thought process.

Tash Sultana place bell

After playing a couple more songs, Tash thanked the crowd for coming to the show and mentioned that every time they’re in Montreal, the crowd gets bigger and bigger. It was a nice thing to see. A classic display of appreciation.

They moved onto tracks such as Notion, and Pink Moon. Tash also introduced a song that was written about how a lot of people from their hometown in Australia are suddenly reaching out due to their sudden fame and success. Tash says the song is a big “fuck you” to all the people trying to play games with them.

Tash Sultana crowd

The best thing to do at a Tash Sultana show is to take a deep breath and let the guitar take you elsewhere. Whether it be a dry dry desert or a crowded festival as the sun is blaring on your skin (anything to escape the sudden cold) and relax.

Tash Sultana concert montreal

Before Tash performed their last song, Jungle, a well-known fan favourite, they revealed that this show was their favourite out of the whole tour so far. The crowd was quiet during most of the show. Captivated by every sound being blared from the speakers. Tash explained; “It’s nice that you’re quiet. It helps me let all my shit out. Sometimes I don’t want people talking over me.” With that, the crowd cheered in love and understanding, and the first notes to Jungle were played.

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The song brought a bounce to everyone’s step. It was impressive to see what Tash is capable of. It fit the mood, and well fit the ending to the set. Once the stage was left empty, Place Bell got extremely loud for the first time all night. It drew Tash back on stage, and they played BlackBird, an impeccable choice for a grand finale.

Tash Sultana will never fail to impress. The unique musical talent that’s displayed is just breathtaking, and I’m so excited to see what’s next in store.

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Review – Jamie Siddall
Photos – Arianne Bergeron

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