The Damn Truth + Altered By Mom @ Corona Theatre – 18th May 2018

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Damn Truth Montreal

For myself, like many Montrealers, The Damn Truth coming back to town is always exciting. After being away on tour all through the continent, lead singer Lee-La Baum couldn’t help but share her excitement to be back home (to a sold out show) “There’s no place like fucking home, there’s no place like here”. 

Having been listening to them on CHOM over the years and having been lucky enough to come upon them doing an acoustic show in a bar a few years back and hearing how beautiful and vibrant Lee-La’s voice is live, I couldn’t wait to hear what she and the band could bring on a stage. 

It was quite a surprise when I mentioned going to see The Damn Truth that so few people from out of town had heard about the band. It’s always fun to discover a new venue as this was my first time at the Corona theatre. It was somewhat smaller than I expected but it totally has its charm.

Surprisingly the opening band and The Damn Truth got on stage right on time, which for those of us who are regulars of concerts, is a rare occurrence.

Altered By Mom opened up the show with a few songs which were perfect to get the party started. It is not a band I had heard of but their feel-good songs remind me of our good old 90’s songs, like something we will probably listen to in 20 years from now to bring back summer memories. It was easy to tell the band were having a good time and enjoyed being on stage as much as we enjoyed dancing to their music.

As the show was on schedule we didn’t have to wait very long for The Damn Truth to get on stage. Immediately the band shared words of love to their hometown, which was echoed through the venue with many “we love you!!” cries all through the evening. 

It was my first time being in the Theatre Corona and it is a great way to be more intimate with the band as the singer proved by bringing in fans closer to the stage so she could crowd surf. Even from across the room we could see her smiling and having the time of her life.

The Damn Truth are not only close to their fans, but also very close to each other. Guitarist Tom and singer Lee-la are a married couple and you could feel their chemistry and how much they adore working together. 

About halfway through the show playing Kinda Awkward Lee-La was just mindblowing with her power vocals. Although I can’t compare her to anyone because of how unique she is, in my opinion with that performance, she is definitely one of the great voices of our time. The band also made this year’s Cult Mtl 2018 Best of: Top 10  best band.

They played all their chart-topping songs like Heart is Cold, I Want You, Too Late and their cover of U2’s Love is Blindness from the 2016 Yves St-Laurent TV ad. As much as I love their version, I may have had my expectations too high and was expecting a mind-blowing performance of the song, but it was still to the astonishing level of Lee-La’s voice.

They have been playing shows for a few years now and many fans have been following them from the beginning. Some people even had shirts from their first year and the singer sent a shout out and again lots of love to everyone for all the support. 
Like most shows, the end of the night is always bittersweet. Excited to have seen such a great show, and sad for it to end, but we were promised they would be back again soon.

Review – Jenny Watson

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