Thirty Seconds To Mars @ Place Bell – 8th June 2018

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Thirty Seconds to Mars Montreal

It was with much anticipation that I finally witnessed a concert at Place Bell. Having heard many different reviews I was looking forward to discovering it. The new ‘it’ place for arena shows, and recently a rehearsal space for U2, I was excited to see what Thirty Seconds To Mars would bring.

Thirty Seconds to Mars place bell

With two back to back sold-out shows in Toronto a few days prior to being in our wonderful city, I was surprised to see so many empty seats. The lack of people did not change the fact that it felt like a full house when the lights went down and we patiently waited for the show to start. We must have waited about four to five minutes (no exaggeration) for the drums to sound on stage and the lights start to flash, and another good minute before the front screen of the stage lifted to show us a hyped-up Jared Leto wearing a sparkly gold suit which completely complimented his personality that night.

Thirty Seconds to Mars crowd

The crowd went wild and what was a venue with empty seats felt like a sold-out show. Everyone had enough screams for two people. Starting the show with the song Up In The Air where Jared Leto practically had the whole (and might I say huge) stage to himself since there were only him and the drummer on stage (apart from the lucky fans who got to stand on the side of the stage), he had all the space to jump, dance, and bring fans on stage. It didn’t take long for him to utter a few words, “Comment t’allez fucking vous” because let’s be real, who doesn’t swear when they’re on stage anymore?!

Thirty Seconds to Mars jared leto

All throughout the show, the sound was clear both music-wise and when the singer was speaking to the crowd. We had plenty of surprises through the show, going from awesome light shows to the singer walking around waving a Quebec flag, to him singing on a raised stage (pretty freaking high!), doing his best to speak French and bringing fans on stage, to mega balloons coming out of nowhere and filling the space to add some magic to the evening.

30 Seconds to Mars montreal

As tradition goes nowadays they covered the song Stay by Rihanna which, to be honest, his voice gave me shivers. I thought he sang it beautifully. It was to my surprise that there was no Warning for an encore, so when the show ended I could see there was a few of us going “really, that was it?!” and then going “but noooo… don’t be over now”. We are so used to having singers go off stage and make us “Ole ole” for it, but in the end, it was a wonderful evening and having almost not made it to the show I am very glad I did. It was worth the hassle of the day to make it in time to see Thirty Seconds To Mars.

Thirty Seconds to Mars review

Review – Jenny Watson
Photos – Kieron Yates

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