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Raised By Owls

The Coronavirus is clearly a very serious issue right now but we still need a few moments of comedy to lift our spirits, which is why we are happy to share Raised By Owls‘ video for “Coronavirus Hardcore Song“. 

The band, from Derby in England, offer some important advice about cleanliness and self-isolation but also encourage you to “buy all the toilet roll!”

Raised By Owls call themselves an extreme metal band, fusing together musical elements from various strains of metal and imbuing the lyrics with a humour moulded by misspent youths lived in rural England. They promise to provide you with a mild sonic disturbance, followed by an immediate apology.

Watch the video below:

Formed in 2015 by vocalist Sam Fowler, guitarist Alex LeGrice, and drummer Lee Deane, Raised By Owls was originally envisioned as a means of alleviating the boredom inherent to small-town life. After countless weekends spent in Alex’s bedroom crafting music for their own enjoyment, the band decided to focus their efforts on writing and recording a full album. Released free of charge in October 2016, ‘The Great British Grind Off’ showcases the trio’s shared love of heavy music and sardonic humour, picking on the bizarre quirks and cult figures unique to British culture.

With a view to performing live, the band was brought to full strength with the addition of guitarist Mark Bainbridge and bassist Tobias Cope. Technically proficient and possessed of the same eccentric humour as the founders, Mark and Toby were viewed as the perfect fit for Raised By Owls.

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