We Are Wolves @ Monte Cristo April 27, 2017

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As part of the Santa Teresa Festival, We Are Wolves played the Monte Cristo.  After an out of this world show with Dallas Green of City and Colour, I decided to see what this festival was all about.  We Are Wolves had an 11 PM set, but they started around quarter after.

The energy of We Are Wolves is enough to power the whole town of Sainte-Thérèse!

Although the venue only had a modest size crowd, Alexander Ortiz was a true performer.  By the end of the set, even I was dancing to the beats of Pierre-Luc Bégin who reminded me of a young Johnny Rotten and stylish Vincent Levesque on keyboards.

Many in the crowd knew WaW from their early days and sang along to the post-punk meets EDM sounds this trio created.  I was looking forward to hearing “Fight and Kiss” which is the song that introduced them to me, but not tonight.  For many, “As the Moon Sets”, which gets much rotation on CHOM and often mistaken for Ozzy Osbourne, is the song that put this band on the map.

The band was given shots twice during their performance, which might have been gasoline, because they just lit up and performed with more intensity and energy.

It didn’t take long for Pierre-Luc to take off his shirt and at one point, dance with the audience.  His shoulder now dry from my dress shirt soaking in the sweat, he returned without missing a beat to his stand-up drum kit.

A few more shows are lined up at the Monte Cristo April 28th and 29th.  If you want to see a band up close and personal, make your way to Sainte-Thérèse, the whole block is participating in this musical experience.

We Are Wolves Setlist
We Are Wolves Setlist


Coconut Night
Wicked Games
Unknown Flowers
As the Moon Sets
Au Revoir Les Crapules
Me as Enemy


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