Yaeji @ Corona Theatre – 2nd November 2018

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The opening set Softcoresoft prepared was super mellow, yet somewhat thrilling and creepy. Filled with percussion based beats and blinding flashing lights. Looking around the crowd, I noticed that everyone was dancing and drinking, having a good time to the music being delivered.


Out goes the first act and in comes the second, this set brought the crowds mood up. She brought the pace up with faster, bass filled rhythms. Had everyone surrounded by eery red lights, which is perfect for dancing to her style.


Once the lights go out, everyone knows what that means. Corona is filled with screams and clapping, eager for Yaeji to take the stage and perform. It only gets louder once Feel it Out starts to play, and in skips Yaeji.

There wasn’t a single person in Corona that could stay still. Everyone followed along, feeding off the energy Yaeji spat out at the crowd with her simple lyrics, insane beats and adorable dance moves.

Of course, she turned things up a notch. Once people heard the intro to Guap, things got crazy. The bass so hard you feel it ringing in your chest, blue and yellow lights flashing, giving off the illusion that she’s dancing in stiff movements. And the crowd failed to calm down when she played her cover of Drake’s Passionfruit, and her original song Drink I’m Sippin On.

The crowd did not stop jumping to Raingurl, and neither could I. Yaeji really led us through each of her tracks throughout her set, and you could tell she had fun with the Montreal crowd.

Yaeji is the puzzle piece that brings the Montreal crowd together. Her impressive bass filled beats bring a smile on everyone’s faces, and no one in the theatre left disappointed.

Review – Jamie Siddall

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