Young the Giant + Lights @ MTelus – November 9th 2018

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Two years ago, a couple friends and I got to see Young the Giant during their Home of the Strange tour. That was one of the best shows I’ve been to. And, without a single doubt in my mind, they topped their last Montreal show.


Lights put on a show as electric as her pink hair. The crowd showed their appreciation of her vocal range by chanting back her lyrics to tracks off her newest album, Skin and Earth, such as Savage, We Were Here, and Giants (which she sang partly in French).
She told the crowd that she missed Montreal since her last show at Osheaga last summer. And it seems like most of the crowd saw her that day, and from what I could observe, a lot of people were fans.

Lights continued with a few more songs. My favourites being Running With the Boys and her cover of Lovefool by The Cardigans.

Her set was very well performed. Colourful lighting that set each mood, playful dancing during musical intermissions and impressive vocal capabilities.

I can’t wait to catch her next time she’s in Montreal.


Without skipping a beat, every single person in that theatre screamed and shouted for Young the Giant as soon as those lights went out. The band calmly walked to their instruments and started to play one of their brand new songs Mirror Master. A perfect show opener.

Not one person wasn’t singing and dancing to their performance. Their unique groovy indie sound is impossible not to move to, and lead singer Sameer Gadhia’s incredibly diverse voice is irresistible to sing along to.
The crowd thrashed around to songs like Heat of the Summer and Amerika, then swayed along to Apartment and Titus Was Born. It was like clockwork. The band prepared an amazingly balanced setlist. Filled with songs that are old and new, and the perfect concert mood.

They performed two songs, Art Exhibit and Firelight, that are in their In The Open series. It’s a web series filled with songs of their own that they’ve performed outdoors. It was an insane experience. Hearing the crowd quietly sing back the lyrics, and the band perfectly perform minimalistic versions of these two songs filled my chest with joy. Looking around, everyone was smiling and embracing whoever they had gone to the show with. An incredibly special 10 minutes.

They moved on to the rest of their set, and it wasn’t any less special to see. The playful dances of the band members, and the extremely comical facial expressions of Sameer keeping everyone entertained.

During their last song Call Me Back, a couple of fans in the front row tossed up sunglasses to the stage. And guitarist Eric Cannata picked them up and placed them on the faces of the other band members.

Once they left the stage, everyone went nuts. The crowd stomped their feet and chanted the classic Habs anthem. MTelus was shaken to its core. Even if you didn’t stomp your feet, you could feel the vibrations running up to your knees. Finally, Young the Giant took the stage for the last time, playing a relentless four-song encore.

Young the Giant are a perfect example of artists who adore their craft. They put their all into every performance, and every single album that they’ve released is exceptionally good. They put every fibre of their being into their work, and you can sure damn tell.

The mutual love between city and artist is strong between this band and Montreal, and we can’t wait for their next tour.

Mirror Master
Heat of the Summer
Titus Was Born

Art Exhibit
Panoramic Girl
Cough Syrup
Mind Over Matter
Nothing’s Over
Call Me Back

My Body

Review – Jamie Siddall
Photos – Ramy Elhoufy

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